Trouble losing weight? Watch this

I’ve lost almost 20 lbs this year by keeping track of my calories and journaling my food I measure or weigh my servings and for the most part this has served me well, but I see based on this video that I more than likely was eating more than I thought many times. Yikes.

I used to have a regular old kitchen scale, but I recently bought a digital scale. I love it! It’s so much easier to read. Yes, it costs more, but IMO it’s worth it. :thumbsup:

Kudos on the weight loss ! I have tried spark people and journalling and just can’t do it…keeping track of food just drives me nuts so I have to lose/maintain my weight via exercise. Even in my younger days when I had to gain weight and nutritionists wanted me to weigh or journal things I would just make stuff up the day before I say them.
I do tally calories in my head and always aim for a goal that is 250 less than my “budget” knowing that I am off. Now I see I may be off more than I thought and should up that number a little.

I was tracking my food for a good while too, until I got the hang of what foods together are within my calorie goal… (actually I found my first goal was to drop my sodium intake as that was HUUUUGE)

I tend to buy the same stuff all the time, as I am really picky… But I keep the journal for when I try something new, and when I need a reminder as to why I am only having ONE piece of cake. :teehee:

This video is a great tip. I probably won’t be buying a scale, but clearly the tip of not filling the cup is a good one. I tend to make my scoops perfectly level, I will be dropping them down now that I see what even a fairly level scoop can add.

Weighing and measuring food is a great way to lose weight, although it is difficult for some people. I have been doing a maintenance weight watchers plan but I have gotten lazy with my weights and measures. Thanks for the reminder and the video.