Trouble knitting with circulars

Is it just me?? I’m a fairly inexperienced knitter, and have just bought my first pair of circulars (24" bamboo). I HATE them!! Everybody seems to prefer circulars, but I feel as if the tips are not long enough, and don’t allow me my normal hand positions. Also the cable seems to be constantly pulling the end of the needle one way or another, so that I can’t angle it the way I normally would. Are there circulars with longer tips? Does anybody else just prefer straights?

keep trying!! my first adventures with circs was difficult. But you get used to scootching the stitches around, and once your circs are used a bit the cables aren’t so kinky. I read a tip here (I think) to stick the cable/ cord in warm water to reduce the kinkyness. (of course, dry it off before knitting and don’t boil it! :slight_smile: ) but each time you curl them to put them away the kink will return.

I use both types of needles, depending on what I’m making or how I’m feeling.

The design of circular needles varies considerably depending on the manufacturer. Do you have a LYS where you can handle several brands of needles?

Many of the bamboo needles have a clear plastic cord that tends to coil mercilessly and can be difficult to use when new. They will relax over time.

For a first timer, though, they’re tough to use.

What length is your needle? The 16-inches can be akward, too.

My personal preference is for the Options needles and Addis. Regardless of the tip issues, the cords are great because they don’t coil up like the plastic ones do.

Yes, some people do prefer straights. It does seem like the tips are too short at first because you are used to straights, but you do get used to them. I like the way the knitting is “lighter” feeling with circs because it’s spread over the cord. And I’m a huge fan of seamless anything so circs are needed for that! :wink:

Okay, maybe I spoke too soon. Thanks for the encouragement. I tried other circs, bought a pair of addi turbos and they rock! My whole style of knitting has changed as a result, and I’m knitting much faster.

Also, sometimes the wire connecting the 2 needles can be kinda of stiff to start. Usually if you put it under hot water & play w/ it a little they’ll become more plyable (sp?) and not as likely to loop all over the place.

you got addi’s! :cheering: i haven’t gotten any yet. but i do love my knitpicks options interchangables. :heart: i feel like they have a long enough needle that my hands don’t cramp trying to hold on. and honestly, i haven’t used straight needles since…i honestly can’t remember when. once in awhile, i’ll use some dpn’s, but no straights in ages.

The knitpicks options are absolutely amazing, aren’t they? I sold my denises AND my boyes sets! I knew I would never touch them again!

I have been using the knitpicks classics for socks - and boy are those cords nice for that! I did have one little brain-fart - had ordered 16’s and 24’s so I would be able to see the different sizes…i am not wild about the 16’s because the needle is too short (for me) - but I have a feeling with circular sock experience I will like even those little dudes better too!

I have the opposite problem - I have trouble knitting with straight needles because they’re too long. I like the 4" needles on circs!


I love the 24 circs. the 16 circs have a shorter (ahem) shaft. I am one of those that cram all the stitches onto the shaft so I can knit faster…

I have a feeling all the straights that I own will go the way of the denises and boyds…