Trouble knitting into a purl stitch

When I’m doing ST St, I find it really difficult on the Knit rows, knitting into the row that has just been purled. Its really tight and cumbersome.

Does anyone have any tips how to get over this?

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are you maybe wrapping the purl stitch the wrong way? both the knit and purl stitchs should be wrapped the same way.

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Clever Stagebear!

I just knitted a few rows making sure the stitches were wrapped from back to from on purl and knit rows and it was sooooo much easier.

I was about to give up on a sweater blaming the needles and the yarn, but now it’ll be done in half the time!!!

Thank You!

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no problem - i’ve run into two people that did the same thing. one is a friend i taught and she showed me the project and how tight it got, so now that’s my first question when someone says their purl stitchs are hard to knit from.