Trouble in yarn paradise

Hi All,
Is there anyone who has knitted with Filatura DiCrosa “Tempo” yarn? I’ve been attempting a summer top, really easy, but unable to keep from dropping stitches. It’s a bear to have to find the dropped stitch or frog and redo. I’ll never use it again!:wall:

snork. now I know why my infamous green grandpa sweater isn’t going well.

I blame the yarn.

but seriously, is it thin? too thick? nubbly? of course, now we need a photo to try and figure it out.

Do you think switching needles to a grabbier type, maybe bamboo whould help?

Hi Knitonepurrtwo,
Of course I’m blaming the yarn! Well, okay, maybe I’m just not paying close enough attention as my stitches are mysteriously dropping off my needles! lol! Seriously, this yarn has frustrated me to no end.

You are absolutely correct…it’s a nubbly yarn…with all sorts of different variations in nubs and colors. So, when you try to pick up a dropped stitch, you are actually picking up a nub which isn’t a loop…but it fools you…by this time, my stitch has dropped further down the line and I’m having to frog it.

So, I threw myself a lifeline to a point where I know I haven’t screwed up…yet.

Funny that you mention a “grabbier” needle…I was using my knitpick interchangeable rosewoods but I found that if there was just a little splinter in the needle, the yarn would pull but you are absolutely right…I wasn’t dropping stitches until I changed to the metal. I was loving how easily it was to knit but if I wasn’t paying attention, there goes a stitch. I guess I need to 1) switch back to the wooden needles and “sand” them if needed 2) use my lifeline 3) pay attention
Thanks salmonmac…did you see the picture I posted of the yarn? You’ve probably made many things out of yarn such as this!! I need to practice with it more.:wall:
Are there any type of yarns that you have had frustration with?

Oh yes, of course I’ve hit some uncooperative yarn. Make a note never to let that yarn into your home again.
I hated one yarn that kept breaking mid stitch and another that bled onto my fingers after several rows. Vowed never to use the one and took the other back.
The Filatura looks like pretty yarn and it sounds like the lifeline will be a lifesaver.

Remember not all ‘metal’ needles are created equal. From what I have learned about knitting needles for stickiness to slickness it is wood, bamboo, stainless and aluminum. These are the only four types I have used. I find I like stainless the best as it is slippery but yet I don’t drop stitches as easily as aluminum. However if I am working with Red Heart Super Saver which has great colors and is made in the USA both of which are important to me I have to use aluminum needles. RHSS for me has a lot of drag and splits, but the needle makes a big difference. Also remember that not all wood will have the same surface treatment this is true for all the types of needles. There is also plastic, acrylic, glass needles and I’m sure many more. So if you like the yarn otherwise it might we doing swatches with different type of needles. Make notes for future reference. If you have friends that knit perhaps they would let you try the needle types you don’t have so you won’t have the expense of buying new ones until you know what you like.

ohgodohgodohgod… It IS the yarn.

I blame the nubbly bits.

I had to frog AGAIN at library knitting. and ya wanna hear something REALLY FUNNY?

I have the same amount of yarn as the green, only in a really pretty coral pink.

Just shoot me now. I should have added that to my stash I gave away.

Oh no! That stinks. It sounds like you have ‘seed’ as my mom would say for your next give away bag. :wink:

I just had ice cream sodas on my balcony with a neighbour. now I have a choice:
knit green sleeves
vacuum, laundry, mop kitchen floor…

how sad is it that housework is the better looking option right now?

sheesh. this has become a major tragi-comedy.

I will persevere.
in the meantime, I do like the colours of that yarn, Donao. it will be lovely when its done. WHEN. not if. :slight_smile:

I’m working it with bamboo…so far, so good. Plus, lifeline. The bamboo will be slowww going…this yarn “sticks” to it. :figureditout:

I probably would’ve chosen laundry over knit green sleeves but felt guilty at my choice!

I hope your knitting isgoing well.

I added two whole inches to my sleeves today, with NO MISTAKES!!!

there is hope. But I’m going to give away the leftovers. probably 6 balls of leftovers. The knitting library ladies like the colour. And have been properly sympathetic with all my backtracking, frogging, and tinking.
on the other hand, maybe they don’t deserve to have this yarn inflicted on them.