Trouble in Mittenville!

I am a relatively new knitter and am working on my second pair of mittens. I was wondering if I can put a fleece liner in my mittens? If so how do I attach it to the knitted fabric without it looking silly? Do I sew it with yarn or thread? HELP!!! :thinking:

i would probably use a thread that matches the yarn, or an invisible thread. i would be more interested in finding out how fun that thumb is to sew up and get in there! :shock:

brenda…queen of no patienceland!

You probably wouldn’t need to attatch it all over. Probably just around the cuff, and maybe the tip of the thumb, and I’d use a matching thread. :thumbsup:

Depending on how heavy the fleece is, you might also want to make sure your mitten pattern can accomodate the extra bulk of the liner. This would be especially important in the thumb. If you need to make the thumb larger, it would be pretty easy to plan to add two or three stitches.