Trouble getting started

Hello. waves

I’m not a big knitter, not because I don’t have the inclination, but because every time I try to knit, I encounter the same problem: my loops around the needle with my knitting on are so tight that I have trouble getting the other needle to slip in. I get so fed up after a few rows of this that I end up giving up.

Anyone have any tips for me and my highly strung knitting?

I’d start with big needles and a thick yarn. I find it hard to knit tightly with these. Then, you just have to be physically aware of how hard you’re gripping your needles, hunching your shoulders, etc. Think if it like it’s just a practice swatch, you won’t “ruin” anything. Try some relaxing music and just practice.

I tend to tighten up with any new stitch or skill too-I kept having to stand and wiggle when I was doing my first sock all the time.

Good luck, I hope you relax about it some and enjoy it!

When you make a new stitch, make sure that the yarn doesn’t wrap around the top of the needle, but more in the middle. If you wrap it around the top, you won’t get a proper stitch. Rookie mistake, I did it myself many a time when I first started. Please don’t give up on it. Keep trying.

I definitely understand. What helped me was casting onto two needles, making the cast on stitches a lot looser. This encouraged the rest of my knitting to be a bit looser too. Generally the cast on edge looks fine this way, but sometimes I have to cast onto one needle and I get so frustrated during that first row! Try it on something simple, like a dishcloth to practice. I do the long tail cast on by the way.

knitgal’s advice is good. Casting on looser should definately help with that first row, which is always the hardest.

I’ve been knitting a long time and am still not sure what all the factors are in tight or loose knitting. :slight_smile: But I was observing recently while I knit and noticed this… if I pull hard, or apply a lot of tension on the wrapping yarn it will make it tighter. Try to consciously keep that looser, and that may help.

Another thing is just to keep going. I find that new knitters often knit tightly and loosen up later. One of my present students started off very tight, I had her do a gauge swatch for a project and she needed, I think a US #9 needle to get a normal gauge. But now she is back into the project, after side tracking to a scarf and hat and I notice her gauge is way loose, but I don’t want to discourage her by making her start over, so the 0-3 month sweater will just be a bit big. LOL

I’ve had 2 babies and neither one fit into the birth-3 mo clothes anyway. I usually started them in the 3-6mo size.

i am a tight knitter. I made the ‘rookiemistake’ when i first started of looping the yarn around tops of the needles so they where always smaler than they actually should be, bu i also have a tendancy to actualy pull each stitch tight when i am working.
working with a very fragile yarn helped that!!
I realised that i hold the working yarn failry taught (sp?) and also have a tendency to pul the stitches tight as/after i have made them. i think the over tightening is to do with knitting in the round and trying to avoid DPN ladders and has just spiled over into all my knitting.

My advice would be to realy slow down your knitting. I mean realy slow for a while. ook at each stitch as you make it, look at the tension, concentrate on making the loops nice and loose. then get up to a more normal speed and look at how you hold the working yarn. is it tight? is it baggy? you don’t want it baggy but you dont want it strained either, try a couple of different ways of holding it to get somthing comfortable and workable.

oh and make sure the needles you are using are the right size for the yarn or pattern you are working . i once was realy struggling to knit when i realised i had picked up 5mm needles instead of US size 5 needles!

Thanks for your help, everyone!

I’ve been knitting very deliberately and slowly and i’ve not been looping the yarn around the needle (which I never knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing. :???: ) It has resulted in VERY loose knitting, but I’m sure that with a little practice I can tighten it up just a smidge to a useable tension! :woot:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!