Trouble fitting items

Hi to all,
I need to know how to make a pattern smaller to fit me. I find a lot of cute patterns but they are always made to large for me even if the pattern is in a “small” size. How do I reduce the number of stitches in the pattern to my size and yet keep the design?

You can knit with thinner yarn and smaller needles for one thing. But you need to knit a sample with those needles to determine that your sts per inch divided into the st number for one of the sizes will work for you.

You can also look at the number of sts difference in the sizes and go down one or two ‘sizes’ from the smallest. Say the CO numbers are 85, 92 and 99 for s, m, and L - that’s 7 sts difference between the sizes, so to go down one size you would need 78 sts. Do that for every part a stitch number is given. You may also need to do less increases and decreases for a smaller size to make sure the length fits you.

I used to have that problem (and it’s a problem I’m working toward having again), and since I don’t trust myself to adjust the patterns, I just kept looking for XS sizes. They are out there, but they are hard to find. The good part of it is that this kept me from buying all these patterns that I could never find time to knit.

Some good places to look: Patons generally has XS sizes (and 4XL, too); sometimes Tahki or Filatura patterns have XS sizes. The disappointing thing is that most websites aren’t set up to search by size for knitting patterns.