trouble constructing eyelet cables for socks


Hi everyone,
I am making a pair of stockings that have seams of eyelet cables running down the back, and have had to re-knit the first eyelet several times now because it simply does not match what is shown in the book. I have researched this project on Ravelry and no one else seems to have had this particular issue. The pattern is “Over-the-Knee Socks” by Cindy Taylor, published in Handknit Holidays.

The eyelet is supposed to be six stitches across and ten rows long. I’m working in the round.
Row 1: plain work
Row 2: make a right twist with the two center stitches
Row 3: plain work
Row 4: knit 1, knit 2 tog, yarnover knit 1, yarnover knit 1, slip slip knit 2 tog, knit 1. Here is where the stitch markers have to shift to accommodate the increases and decreases. I thought maybe my problems were arising here, but I don’t think that is the case.
Row 5: knit 2, purl 1, knit the rest. I’m not quite sure what this row is supposed to do.
Row 6: knit 2 tog, yarnover knit 1, knit 2, yarnover knit 1, slip slip knit 2 tog
Rows 7-9: plain work
Row 10: slip 1 stitch to cable needle, hold to front, knit 2, knit 1 from cable needle. Slip 2 to cable needle, hold to back, knit 1, knit 2 from cable needle.

The eyelet shapes in the picture are symmetrical and have clear outlines. Mine look messy and misshapen, and the holes created by the yarnovers look completely different.

I appreciate any suggestions! This is definitely a more advanced pattern for me, and I previously had never done twist stitches or yarnovers.
Thanks for reading


Very neat looking stockings.

Are rows 4 and 6 supposed to be decrease rows or does the stitch count stay the same? Is it really a “slip slip knit 2 tog”? or are the slipped sts passed over?
Are you doing the yarn overs without using a stitch? The yarn over should be made between sts.


The stitch count is supposed to stay the same, as the yarn overs make up for the decreased stitches. I did do stitches in between the yarn overs, and after double-checking the chart, it is a slip slip knit.

I feel like there must be something not made explicit in the pattern, something just assumed, and that’s what I’m missing.

The pattern was designed for double points and I’m doing it in the round–could that change things?


Any way that you work in the round should b?e ok.
Are these an exact quote of the directions or are you interpreting them or a chart?
Where exactly are the stitch markers? Do they mark off the 6-stitch eyelet pattern? If so where are they placed? I see 10sts in rows 4 and 6, but only 6sts in row 10.

A few lines of the chart would be ok to post, just not the whole chart. That might raise copyright problems.

Judging from the photos, there should be a center yarn over and the two yarn over in a later row to complete a triangle.


Sorry, didn’t see this post earlier. There’s supposes to be a marker on either side of the six stitches (so on the seventh stitch). The stitch count does get weird in rows 4 and 6. On those rows I’m not sure where to switch the markers around, and the text doesn’t really say.

Yeah, I don’t know about those later rows, and the fact that in the picture each eyelet has a large center hole with a smaller one on either side does not seem to make sense with the chart.


The markers won’t move as the stitch count stays the same, 6 stitches throughout the lace motif.
Make sure of the yarn overs and the ssk:

A yarn over doesn’t use up a stitch, it’s just yarn to the front between the needles then over the right needle to the back. That’s it. It doesn’t use up a stitch. The other thing just to be sure is the ssk. This is a good video for how to:

For row 2: k2, right twist, k2
row 4: k1, k2tog, yarn over, yarn over, ssk, k1. This double yarn over which is essentially wrapping the yarn twice around the needle is going to seem strange. It will count as 2 stitches. It’ll work out in the next row. You’ll purl into one of the yarn overs and knit into the second. That’s the reason for the purl stitch.
row 5: k2, p1, k3
row 6: k2tog, yrn over, k2, yrn over, ssk,
row 7-9 knit
row 10 cable as you’ve written in the forum. ( slip 1 stitch to cable needle, hold to front, knit 2, knit 1 from cable needle. Slip 2 to cable needle, hold to back, knit 1, knit 2 from cable needle.)


oooooooh okay. I had been using up stitches with my yarn overs. I’ll give it a try now, and see if that fixes the problem.


I am having SOOOOO much trouble with this pattern, and have been knitting off and on for over 60 years! The first two eyelets come out ok. After that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m going to copy directions I’m having trouble with. I know how to yarn over, ssk, etc. NOT a beginning knitter at all. HELP!

There is a 6 stitch pattern that goes down the back of the sock as noted; markers on each side of the chart. There is a chart for those six stitches recurring in 10 rows. Says to follow the chart, but AT THE SAME TIME do this. What does AT THE SAME TIME mean?

Establish Pattern: Work in St st to marker; work And 2 of Lace Cable from Chart across next 6 its; work in St st around. Cont. as established, working Rnds 3-10 of Lace Cable, then repeat Rnds 1-10 on 6 its between markets, working remaining its in St st, and AT THE SAME TIME,
Shape Thigh: Decrease 1 st at each side of Lace Cable every 14 ends 5 times, working decreases invisibly into the designated pattern and as follows:
Note: Move markers and rearrange its on needles as needed.
To decrease on:
Rnd2 of pattern: Work to last 2 its of end, slip 2 its to cn and old in back; ask, k 2tog from cn.
Rnd4: Work to last 4 its of end, k3toger, yo twice, ssk.
Rnd6: Work to last 4 staff and, k3tog, yo, kw, yo, ssk.
Rnd8: Work to last 4 its of end, k2tog, k4 ssk.
Rnd10: Work to last 3 its of end, sap 1 st to cn and hold in front, k2toger, k1 from cn; slip next 2 its to cn and hold in back, k1, ssk from cn.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks!

I’m very new to this list. Trying to get help from salmonmac, or Sabina if you figured this out I would appreciate some help from you too. I am DETERMINED to make these socks. I started them about 3 or 4 years ago too and could never figure this out! Thanks.


Welcome to the forum!
You’re going to keep working the chart rows, rounds 1-10 over the 6sts at the back of the stockings. Keep working the chart for the 6sts. The “at the same time” refers to the other sts in the round, the sts that are maintained in stockinette. You’ll be working decreases as given in the instructions for the following rounds.


Hey! Thanks for such a quick reply!! I still don’t quite understand. I thought about it while I was sending you the above, and wondered the following: Pattern says to decrease on each side of lace chart (6 stitches, 10 rows) every 15th row. The way I’m reading it, if the 15th row falls on the 2nd round of the lace chart, then you use Rnd2 of pattern: Work to last 2 its of end, slip 2 its to cn and old in back; ask, k 2tog from cn. If the next 15th row lands on Rnd 8 of the lace chart then you use Rnd8: Work to last 4 its of end, k2tog, k4 ssk and continue in the rest of the regular chart? How can I send a photo on this? I’ll send the lace chart if I can do that. Thanks so much. This is THE FIRST help I’ve been able to find. Pattern, IMO, is NOT written clearly! Diane


So the first decrease would fall on round 5 of lace chart, but the other 9 rows would be from the chart itself? I AM DETERMINED TO KNIT THESE SOCKS!! Thanks again for any help you can give. dd


Yes, follow the directions for the appropriate round when the decreases fall on that round. Are the decreases every 14th round or every 15th (see your posts above)?
Can you edit your post to remove the photo please? We run into copyright problems if large portions of a pattern are posted. Use the pencil icon in the lower right of the post to edit.
There are many complaints about the pattern clarity on the Ravelry page.

Probably every 14th round. That puts the dec on rounsa 2,6,10,4, and 8 of the chart. I’ll look at the pattern book which is in our library and check.


Thank you so much. Yes. I will eliminate the pattern graphic. DD


Well, I gave up a year ago, and am trying this again. Is there a video anywhere that can show me the first two or three decreases on this and how they’re done? I’m stymied again. Thanks.


Can you quote the row with the decreases? I’ll also look at the pattern book if it’s in the library.


The list of decreases depending on the round that you’re on? For example, on round 2 the instructions are:
Work to last 2sts of round, slip 2 sts to a cable needle and hold in back; ssk, k2tog from cn.
To do this slip 2 sts to a cn and hold in back, remove the beg of round marker, knit the next 2 sts on the left needle together and replace the BOR marker. Now slip the sts from the cable needle onto the left needle and k2tog.


Hi: Thanks for your reply. I’ve finally figured it out, now just to hunker down and do it!


Well, here I am again a year later and stuck again. Is there a video anywhere that shows how to knit these?


What are the directions for the eyelet cables? Is this the lace cable chart?