Trouble alternating knits and purls while knitting flat on a circular needle

Hi everyone, I’m very new to knitting and I’ve run into a problem.

I’m currently trying to knit a baby blanket on US 6 circular needles flat. The pattern calls for me to alternate knits and purls every 5 stitches and that’s what I’ve been doing. Once I’ve finished a row, I flip the needles and make sure my working yarn is in my left hand and coming from the right. However, I can’t differentiate a pattern on my knit at all, from the picture it’s supposed to look like little checker board pieces from the squares of knits and then purls but for some reason it all looks like very similar stitches. I appreciate any help anyone could give me!

Would it be possible for you to make a picture of what you have knitted so far?

Yes I think so!

There’s ten rows of garter stitch around the edge. The pattern basically says k5 then k5,p5 until 5 stitches left them k5. Then row two to k5, p5, k5 until 5 left. Then repeat those two rows 4 times each 8 total). I’ve made it to 4 rows above the garter stock in this photo!

How many stitches do you have totally?

190 stitches

For this pattern to work exactly as the rows are written, your number of stitches need to be ending with 5. For example 185 or 195 will work.

It is also possible to have 190 stitches, but then you need to change the instructions according to it. Then the instructions for the second row would be identical to the first row.


Thank you so, so much!! This ended up fixing my problem perfectly. I finally see that checkered pattern.