Trouble adding new yarn


I’m hoping someone might be able to sort out my edges when I change yarns. I’m very much new to knitting and changing to a new colour is my current challenge. I’ve been trying to use the ‘just knit with new yarn’ method (which the videos make look so simple!) but I am coming up against a few problems. I’ve attached a photo of a little practice sample, which I hope will be clearer than my explanations! I’ll mention now that I have knitted the tails of my new yarns in for a few stitches.

I seem to have issues with both edges of my work. On the right hand side, I get some ‘loopiness’ where I leave my old yarn and change to a new colour - as where the working red yarn is now. I also see lots of bits of green poking through red where they shouldn’t be and vice versa and it just generally seems really very messy! On the left hand side, it seems there is green at the end of my red stripes and vice versa - I wonder whether this is to do with the ‘loop’ that I often see at the end of every row (where that stitch has only been knitted on one side, so to speak)?

I expect there is a significant element of ‘beginner’s tension’ at work here, but any advice of how to neaten things up would be very gratefully received. (I’m not too worried about trying to wind a not-in-use yarn up the back of my work as yet, as opposed to starting a fresh piece every time, although I sort of did that here since I was just doing a little practice anyway.)

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Congratulations on learning to knit!!!
and on trying some colorwork!!!

Your swatch looks great and I think the little issues you mention aren’t really issues at all. Because you are working garter stitch you will see one color poke through the other whenever you do a color change. If you were working in stockinette, this would not happen as long as your color change was on the RS row. (note last photo of link below)

The “loopiness” at the ends where you are joing yarns is likely just because these ends are not secured/tightend down. If you don’t intend to use the color agian, then just cut the yarn, give it a little tug and weave it in. After washing/blocking it will hardly be noticeable. If you plan to use the color again (a few rows later) then you need to “carry the yarns” up the edge of your project creating a nice neat edge. (see link below)

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I think your knit swatch looks very good, too. Good going.
One other thing you can try just for practice is to slip the first stitch of the row. There are instructions and illustrations here that show one method for doing this. It does give a nice even edge although it may also bring up some other problems with color changes. See what you think.

Thank you both for your very helpful and encouraging comments. I’ve had a look at the links you provided and done a little more practice and I definitely think things are looking just a little neater now - I’ve added a few little stripes to the project I’m knitting at the moment and I’m pretty pleased with how it looks so far. :slight_smile:

Salmonmac, I had heard mention of this before, but that TECHKnitting post gives a particularly clear explanation - it’s definitely on my (ever-expanding) list of things to practice/learn.

Thanks again to you both!