Tropical Punch Slipper Socks

I finished these slipper socks for my grandma a couple weeks ago. The socks aren’t anything fancy, but I though the color combinations turned out nice (if I do say so myself :wink: ) . It’s actually a really simple sock, made to my mom’s ‘sock formula’ and done on a US size 9 needles (5.5 mm) and 2 strands of a dk/worsted yarn held together so they went SUPER fast. These are my grandma’s favorite slippers - I think my mom has made her at least 5 pairs and she’s always asking for more :rofl:

Due to a bunch of requests for the pattern my mom and I finally put it up here: . Though since it’s just basic sock instructions it can hardly be called a ‘pattern’ more like a sock recipe :wink: but because of the simplicity I think it would make a great learning sock.

:heart: :heart: :heart: I can’t wait to make some for me!!!

I love those colors! Thanks for the pattern.

Those are cute – the colors look great together! Thanks for the pattern!

Wow those are so cool maybe I will try them when I get a little bravery Yikes!! :roflhard:

Purty purty! Thanks for the pattern!

Those look so comfy – perfect for padding around the house during colder months, I bet. Thanks for the pattern!

I already started some and am finished the ribbing I think I know what everybody is getting for christmas!!

gorgeous! :inlove:

<---- working up the courage

can anyone suggest some yarns I could use?

AAahhhhh! HAHAHAHA Those are sooooo cute!

I like the short cuff version too! :cheering:

Thanks for sharing the recipe! :happydance:

WTG, you can do it!! For your 1st sock it’s good to choose a dk or worsted wt yarn and anywhere from size 6-8 dps; this way you can knit the sock a bit quicker and not get put off by the really small needles and yarn, and, it’s just easier, actually. Grab your yarn and needles and go for it :cheering: :cheering:

I’m loving your colorful tropicals, PD :cheering: :cheering:

Wow! I LOVE the colorful yarn! It’s hard to stay happy in the winter, but I think those socks would make me happy. :cheering:

PS - Will DEFINITELY be using your pattern for Christmas knitting! Thanks so much for writing it!

Those are so pretty!!

Such fun colors!! Awesome socks! :thumbsup:

I attempted knitting a sock before… but the wee little needles and tiny yarn ended up frusterating me too much! Plus I lost count how many times I had to frog it for various reasons! Maybe using the worsted weight will do the trick!

I just noticed that Caron Simply Soft was used here… I’m on a super strict budget so this would be perfect! :cheering:

Very very cute! Thanks for the pattern! :muah:

THE COLORS ARE GREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: