Troops Need our Help

Today I got a email from my Daughter who is a Sgt. in the US Army. She is asking for help for her Soliders. Here is what she wrote.

My name is SGT Kimberly Thomson. Troops in Afghanistan need the help and support from back home now more then ever. Im sure everyone has seen the news and read the headlines of the second deadliest attack in Afghanistan, well that was my squadron that took the hit. Many of my guys have had all of their personal belongings go up in flames and have nothing left but the clothes they are wearing. Im not asking for money but simply for the help of anyone that can, to send these guys some hygiene items, towels and washcloths, some socks, sheets and blankets. Anything for these guys to have something. It is all males in need of these items, we are trying our best to get them what we can over here but we have no px, so we are simply trying to get together the extra things that other soldiers have and its just not enough. So if you are able to help please send the items to:

Sgt. Kimberly Thomson
B troop 3/61 CAV
Fob Bostick
APO AE 09354

If you feel you can help out please send the items to my Daughter who will distribute the items to her soliders. I appreciate any and all help that you can give. Thank you so much, Dottie Kruse, Nannaknits

Dottie, what have you found to be the best way to send things to your daughter?

I use the flat rate boxes from the post office that are specifically for the troops. I believe it cost about $12.00 to mail one no matter what it weighs as long as it goes to a APO or AE address. There are some guidlines for mailing things. Nothing flammable, no aerosol cans, no pork products. Most of the guys wear a Large or Extra Larger in underwear and tee shirts. I appreciate all help for my daughter and her troops. These were “her” soldiers and she is trying hard to provide them just the basic necessities that one needs for daily hygiene. Thanks again, Dottie

I will send a box out by Friday:hug:

I’ll see what I can get together, I hae some had knit hats and scarves, maybe those? Momwolf what are you planning on sending so I don’t duplicate? Or do they not mind?

I appreciate your help. I feel so bad for these guys. Since there’s more than one soldier that has lost all of their belongings sending duplicates won’t be a problem. I will try to find out how many are in need. While all of this was happening in Afghanistan Kimberly’s 3 year old daughter (who I watch on a full time basis) became ill and ended up in the hospital with a Septic Hip. She underwent surgery last week and is home now recovering. I haven’t had the heart to tell Kim about this episode. I figure that she has enough to worry about right now. I will tell her when things calm down.

I’ll see what I can do, too!

Well, I went thru some of my handknits that haven’t found a home yet, and I have about 4 scarves and one hat that a guy wouldn’t mind wearing. Do you think they could use those? I hate to see them sitting around if someone can use them.

My daughter emailed me again this morning. She said there are 60 males that are in need of personal hygiene items. She said another post provided some uniforms for them but things like soap, toothpaste, wash clothes, towels, shaving supplies and the like are what they can’t provide.

Awesome! I’ll hang onto the handknits and see if some coworkers have some stuff they cant send with mine!:muah:

Not that we’re not all sending things, but I bet Boatsie (aka Gail Van Vranken) could help, maybe even divert some stuff that’s already going to Afghanistan. We donate to Boatsie’s Boxes all the time because our Dollar Tree has a current list of needs and the cashiers always remind us! It’s kind of late to call her tonight, but I could in the morning if you want. Here’s the link to her page:

I have some coworkers that are getting stuff together. I hope to get a box out next week!:muah:

Becky that sounds great. If you could contact Gail for me that would be supper nice and much appreciated. I am spending my days and nights at Children’s Hospital with Kim’s daughter. I found out today that all of this arthritis stuff is part of an allergic reaction to amoxicillian. Being stuck at the hospital doesn’t give me much computer time. thanks for your help everyone, I know the troops really appreciate the help. Nanna

My coworkers really stepped up, we have a lot of stuff to send. i hope to get at least one box out on Saturday. Tee shirts, shaving products, deodorant, etc. The CEO of our company has a son in the army, so he really stepped up for them!

Thought I would share the pics of the first wave going out on Sat.

That’s everything so far, from combs to t shirts to deodorant to toothbrushes to baby powder & chapstick!
And here it is all boxed up and ready to go!

Good job Mulderknitter :cheering::cheering::yay::yay::woohoo:

:cheering: :grphug: !!!

I just got around to loading pics of the 2 boxes I sent to your daughter.I bought 4 of everything so at least I know 4 soldiers are taken care of :hug:. Here is what I sent in case anybody needs ideas. This is the kind of stuff I send my son in Iraq. I also put everything that is liquid in zip lock bags in case they spill or break open. Have had that happen before :roll: Thanks for letting me help in this GREAT cause:hug:. Just to bad the government can’t help out our troops when things like this happen. It is the LEAST they could do for our troops that are over there putting their life on the line for our country.:!!!:

toothbrushes & cases to put them in.
Tic Tacs
Hand sanitizer
Shaving Gel
Wash cloths
Body wash
Nasal spray
Chap stick
Hand wipes

I will see what I can do :muah:

1 more box of goodies goes out tomorrow, some more tootbrushes and such, but also some halloween candy! (no chocolate-don’t want it to melt!!) :woohoo: