Triple yarn over on the purl side

Ok, so I’m still having troubles with this pattern…I seem to haven gotten the triple yo on the cast on row down, as well as the triple yarn over on the knit on row, but for some reason when it comes to the purl side it all falls apart. I’ve attempted it, but I don’t think I’ve been doing it right. It just looks sloppy.

[B]Could someone /please/ tell me how to properly do a triple yarn over on the purl side? [/B] Specifically, which way to wrap the yarn (should it go behind or in front, clockwise or counter-clock wise, and where should it end up after the third turn?) Sorry if I seem completely daft-it’s just this is my first attempt at a project with yarn overs as complex as this (just used to simple singular ones on a knit row ya know?)

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t done triple yo’s, but what I’d try is to bring the yarn up over the top from the front over the needle and to the front again 3 times. The yarn will be in the front to purl the next stitch.

Ok, I’ll try that-thanks!

I do it the Ingrid does.