Triple Wave Ribbed Scarf

This is my first [I]ever[/I] scarf.

I pretty much came up with the design on my own. I don’t think I will make the pattern public, only because I’ve never wrote a pattern before nor do I really remember everything I did. LOL!

So here’s a pic of the scarf so far:

This is also my first time doing cables. I know that the bottom is cable flare and can be corrected, but I think I like the way it flares. I really just hope I have enough yarn. I stash-shopped.

I am open to suggestions/opinions. Be honest, don’t sugar-coat. :slight_smile:

:inlove: That’s beautiful, Brian!!!

If you continue to cross them the same way it will start looking like a traditional cable.

I agree, that’s beautiful! I don’t know how your cable flare (you taught me something) will work out in the end but I think I like the curvy, wavy effect. I’ve not worked with cables so I really don’t know the challenges you are dealing with. I love the color.

I like it and i like the sinuous cable. What yarn are you using? It looks soft even in the photo.

Aww shucks, Jan!

We will see. I’m hoping it’s just the one part of the cable that stands out, but we will see.

Thanks for the compliment.

GrumpyGramma, I didn’t know either until I emailed Arenda Holladay who is one of the people in charge and an instructor for TKGA. She said it is corrected by casting on fewer sts and then increasing at the beginning of the cablework.

I, too, like the wavy effect.

An intriguing name for an intriguing scarf! I love it! There’s not a thing wrong with this!

Can’t wait to see it with a little more progress, too. Something about that progress and the repeating patterns really does make everything pop!

Great job–and how very impressive that you’re designing your own one-of-a-kind scarf!

It looks great and is going to be terrific when you finish it!

Thanks so much! It really makes me feel better to know that the scarf doesn’t look bad. Will definitely keep you all posted on it.

If you want, you can also follow this in my projects page on Rav.

Yeah, just hope I have enough yarn. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t you can sew up the side and call it a cowl. :thumbsup:

Thought of doing that, but no, I’ll add a button and call it a “Neckwarmer”. :slight_smile:

Yep, that works, too.


I just realized that two sts of my cable were purled by accident. Should I let it bother me and rip back or should I just keep going and then make another one with better technique?

Your choices are to leave it, fix it without ripping back if it’s not too many rows, or rip back the rows.

How many rows back is it? If it’s only a few you can use a crochet hook and correct the stitch. In the video section under tips there is a section called fixing mistakes. Look for the video about fixing a stitch without unraveling.

If it’s only a row or two you can also tink back which is to unknit stitch by stitch till you’re at the mistake and then correctly knit it.

What would I do? I’d probably fix it with a crochet hook, but I’ve been knitting a few years so it’s not scary for me.

Repeat the purls at regular intervals so they’re no longer mistakes?

If you decide to fix it, I hope it’s not too hard. Some yarn is easier to fix mistakes in than others. I soooooo hate when I do something like that.

I think I’m gonna leave it. Only because it’s going to be for me and when I actually sit and write the pattern, I will do a new version and work my way through the pattern as I write it.

It may be for the best. I will view the video in case I change my mind. LOL!

Good idea, Brian! If you’re planning on doing that then it’s a good way to handle it. :thumbsup:

I think leaving the errant purls is fine since there’s so much going on in your pattern stitches anyway. You can always go back later and cover them with a few duplicate sts if you wish.

[I]Takes a bow. :slight_smile: [/I]

And now back to my knitting. :x: