Trip to fabric store and LYS

My friend, who doesn’t knit, asked me today if I wanted to go to the fabric store with her. I readily agreed seeing as how the LYS is right across the street. The reason I bring up the fabric store portion of my trip is due to the conversation I heard while there.

My friend was browsing through the fabric along with another customer and the owner, and she fell in love with a particular print. She mentioned to the other two that she wasn’t going to buy it because she didn’t have a project for it. To this, one of the women immediately responded, “Dear, you don’t need to have a project to buy fabric; just fondle it and buy it anyway.”

My first thought was, lol, us knitters with our stashes are not alone!

As for the LYS portion of my trip, I bought the FT clog pattern! And, some lovely Cascade 220 in a heather gray for the cuff and sole and in a bight green for the main color.

Oh my my my … that’s the last thing I need to hear: encouragement for a habit! lol :teehee:

My mom is a knitter and a quilter. So I grew up knowing about yarn stashes and fabric stashes, too.

I’ve had many a trip to a fabric store where she would pick up fat quarters or 1/2 yards of fabrics to have for potential quilt projects.

She’s 79 this year and her stash (yarn and fabric) still growing strong.

Hmmm, I wonder if this kind of thing is genetic?