Trinity's Top - Free Pattern

Trinity’s Top
Size 3T (4T,5T)
Materials:US7 straight or circular needles
Size H crochet hook
1 (2, 2) balls Lily Sugar n Cream worsted weight yarn -100% cotton (I used ecru)

Gauge:5st=1 in, 6rows=1 in

Notes: all inc are k in front and back of st. YIF is slip sts with “yarn in front” - Hold it there a little loosely, it will tighten up quite a bit when you make the bows.
The top that I made was actually a little shorter than I had intended, if you want to make it longer, add a patt repeat (or half a repeat - only 5 rows) to the bottom before BO - but I suggest having another ball of yarn handy just in case you need it.

Cast on 5 st
Row 1: k2, p1, k2
Row 2: k2, inc next st, k2 - 6 st
Row 3: k2, p2, k2
Row 4: k2, inc next 2 st, k2 - 8 st
Row 5: k2, p4, k2
Row 6: k2, inc next st, k2, inc next st, k2- 10 st
Row 7: k2, p6, k2
Bodice -4T( 5T) CO 8(10) st.
Row 1: k2, p4(6), k2
Row2: k2, inc in 1st st, k 2(4), inc next st, k2 - 10(12)st
Row 3: k2, p6 ( 8 ), k2
Row 4: k2, inc next st, k4(6), inc next st, k2 - 12(14) st

By now, you should have a small area of stockinette st and an emerging garter st border. All WS (odd numbered) rows should be worked as K2, p (#of st to garter stitch edge), K2. All RS (even numbered) rows should knit all st, increasing the third and third from last st, until you have 22 (24, 26) st on your needle. BO.

Make another triangle in the same manner as above. When you have finished the second triangle, cast on 5 st, then pick up 40 st spaced evenly across the bottom of both triangles on the RS. CO another 5 st. Turn to the WS, and begin waist band.

Waist band
Row 1: p across (wrong side)
Row 2: k across
Row 3: k across
Row 4: k across
Row 5: p across
Row 6: k across
Row 7: k across
Row 8: k across

There are 50st on your needle now. The first and last 5 will be worked in garter st. So -
St Pattern is a variation of little butterfly worked in multiples of 10 over 10 rows, and will be worked over 40 sts, 20 rows

Row 1: k10,sl 5 WYIF, k5, repeat from * to last 5,k5
Row 2: k5, Purl across until last 5. K5.
Row 3: Rep row 1
Row 4: Rep row 2
Row 5: k5, [k7, insert tip of needle under both yif’s, k 1- being careful to draw st around yif’s, K2], repeat across until last 5st, k5

Row 6: K5, sl 5 wyif, k5, repeat from * to last 5, k5.
Row 7: K5, Purl until last 5 ,st, k5.
Row 8: Rep row 6
Row 9: rep row 7
Row 10: K5[K2, insert tip of needle under yif’s, k1, making sure to draw st around yif’s, k7], repeat until last 5, k5.
Work pattern two times total (3 times for a longer top) , finish with picot bind-off below.

Finishing :
Picot bind off [size=2](thanks to Marnie MacLean for showing me how!)[/size]
This will create the ruffle at the bottom, just do a regular bind off if you don’t want the ruffle
K2, pass 1st k st over 2nd k st, place remaining st back on right needle, CO3, BO4, k1, pass st already on needle over new st, rep from * until only 1 st is on needle, cut yarn, pull through remaining st, weave in tail.

Straps: Make one at the top of each bodice triangle and at either end of waist band

pick up 5 st.
Row 1: k all
Row 2: k2tog in back of st, k1, k2tog
Row 3: sl1, k 1, psso, sl last st, psso
With crochet hook, pick up last st on needle and chain st for app 6-8 in. Cut yarn, pull through last st tightly. Weave in all ends, block.

I’m going to take a better picture of mine and post it, too.

thats cute!!! does it tie in the back? wheres the pic of the back!!! :wink:

:roflhard: I was lucky I got her to stand still long enough to get a pic of the front!

Yeah, it ties just like a bikini top - around the chest and around the neck - but I have a thing about little girls in bikinis :expressionless: just don’t like it so I added the little bottom part, make it a little more modest but still cool enough for summer.

i don’t like it either. and some of the outfits they make these days for these little girls is horrible.

Agreed. Too many duplicates of what “hot” for 19 year olds for 5 year olds and such.

Awesome top. Too bad the little girl I know is too spoiled as it is lol. I hate how they spoil her, so I’m not making anything else for her.

Thanks for the pattern…that will be great for my gdd for next summer…you are too sweet :wink:

Hey, I’m just glad that everyone likes it so much!!

:roflhard: This little girl is spoiled, too, but she’s still a sweetie - and she’s so darn cute it’s hard to resist…

[color=orange][size=2]PS Rebecca - getting up there towards 1000, aren’t ya?!? Almost :balloons: time![/size][/color]