Trinity Stitch

I have a stitch pattern guide that says that the second row of the stitch patten is:

(k,p,k) all in next stitch

…just like that. These parentheses confused me in math class too. :rollseyes:

Does it mean that one would knit, and then purl, and then knit again all into the same stitch? How might one manage that?

knit into the stitch…do not slip the stitch off of the left needle…bring the yarn to the front and purl into the same stitch…again do not slip the stitch off of the left needle… take the yarn to the back and knit into the same stitch again…then you can finally slip the stitch off of the left needle. You have made 3 new stitches out of the old one.


Yeah that’s what I thought - it just sounded extreme to me. Not sure why. :stuck_out_tongue: The next instruction is p3tog, so that makes sense.