Trinity stitch

Hello all my question is that I am new at knitting and am still trying to figure out the language of knitting but I am practicing the Trinity stitch but i don’t understand the directions for example:Cast on a multiple of 4 stitches does that mean i can cast on 24 because it is a multiple of 4? As well I don’t understand this:
*[K1, P1, K1 ALL into next stitch; P3 together, repeat from *
I dont understand the meaning of ALL into next stitch? it looks to me as if there is 6 stitches why would they ask for a multiple of 4 and not 6? :doh:
This stitch is so pretty and I would like to make something from it any help would be great!
Thanks all!!

First of all, YES you cast on any multiple of 4sts. So you could cast on 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24…etc.

When it says K1, P1, K1 all into next stitch, you are only using one of the 4 stitches you cast on. So what you do is this: Knit the first stitch but DON’T slip the stitch off the left needle yet. Now, you will move the yarn to the front of your work and purl the SAME stitch. Still don’t slip the stitch off the left needle. Then, bring the yarn to the back of your work again and knit the SAME stitch again. NOW you slip the original stitch off the left needle. So you have made 3 stitches where there originally was 1 stitch. So at this point (if you have cast on only 4 stitches, for example) you have the three stitches you just made over on your right needle, and three stitches still on your left needle. You now purl 3 together and you are back to your 4 original stitches.

Hope this helps!

knitqueen thanks so much!!! :happydance:

What a great explanation Knitqueen. :cheering: You explained that so well that it makes me want to go dig up some stitches I can’t understand and send them along to you. There is a real “art” to being able to put these instructions into words. Of course - this might be a good subject for a little video-ette. (hint hint)

Can you suggest a good yarn and needle size for this stitch? I am trying to create my own scarf. :XX:

If you look at yarn labels, it always gives a suggested knitting needle size. For a worsted weight yarn, I would use size 6-9, for a chunkier weight yarn I’d use a size 10 and up, depending on the effect I was looking for. Are you familiar with ?? Even if you are trying to create your own pattern, you can get a lot of good ideas from looking at other patterns, mainly the different weights of yarns vs. # of sts cast on, etc. Good luck!