Trinity Purse

So this is a bunch of firsts. First time doing trinity stitch, first time knitting a purse, first time lining a purse and first icord. Its not perfect, but I am proud of myself :slight_smile: As a sewer first I am absolutely ashamed at how badly I did the lining though - hence the reason there are no pics of my lining work :rofl: I’ll get better though! The yarn I used, in case anyone is wondering, is Plymouth Yukon.

pretty,what pattern did you use?

Beautiful!! Love the color and pattern! You did a great job!

Love the stitch!

:happydance: it looks wonderful!

That’s beautiful. And it looks so lovely on that green, green grass. Just perfect for Easter!

Very cool :slight_smile:

Looks great…never seen that pattern before! :muah:

That’s nice, and congratulations on all your “firsts”!
I love trinity stitch.

Thanks guys!

This started out as a plan for a scarf so I just followed the basic trinity stitch patter, but I grew bored and wanted to get on with other projects so I decided to do a purse instead :rofl:

When I wanted to get the the decreases I used this pattern for guidance.

I wanted to stay in trinity stitch, but I found that with decreasing I just couldn’t always get multiples of 3 stitches so I just did the flap in garter instead. I sewed on a little plastic button with green leaves and little pink flower, but it really doesn’t pop with this yarn and pattern. It is really cute though :mrgreen:

Beautiful purse and you would never know it was a “first”!


Looks great - the stitch is lovely :heart:

That is a beautiful stitch! Congratulations on the new techniques learned!

nice purse! love the pattern to:)

Very nice!

Great purse! I really like that stitch pattern.

Nice purse! Congratulations!

What a cute purse!

Sewing linings for small-ish items is harder than a lot think. I’m thankful for my little plastic corner turner that came with my sewing machine. It really helps.

It really was harder than I thought it would be!!! But I am determined to try try again. My daughter now wants one in the the same color and another one in a burnt orange color so I’ll have 2 more opportunities! :slight_smile: