Trimming off bad work?

I am knitting a scarf (only my second one) and the first 60 rows are looser than the rest. Obviously my technique got better and more consistent, but now my scarf looks uneven. It’s striped (2 yarn colors) so I was wondering if there was a way to trim off the first 2 color blocks (30 sts each)? All ends are woven in, so it doesn’t look like it will unravel…but I’m still scared to just cut it. Is there a way to bind off the edge before I cut? Thanks so much for any help!!

Not hard at all. Follow these instructions, ignoring the references to ribbing. Basically, you run a thread through
a row of stitches near where you want to remove the length. Snip and pull out the stitches on the following row. The bad part just drops off and you’re left with a row of open stitches that you can pick up and bind off or re-knit downward.

Thank you so much, that is exactly what I did! I have a stitch holder on it now. Now I just have to learn how to bind off again (haven’t completed the scarf yet…) LOL.