Trim on a finished project

Is there a way to attach a trim/decorative ribbon to a finished project that will really work and stay on? I tried stitching it on and it didn’t look good. ?So I took it off. Is there some kind of glue that knitters use?


I don’t know a glue but what about weaving the ribbon in and out of stitches or between stitches? I’ve added trim that way, sometimes by deliberately making eyelets for the ribbon and sometimes just by weaving in and out.
What is the project and where do you want to add the ribbon?

I can see how that would work with an actual ribbon, but my trim is a decorative 3/4 in. trim. Anyway, I think I’m just going to leave it off.


I think we need pictures, and then maybe we can come up with some creative idea that works.

Okay here’s the piece and the trim. If I had been able to put the trim on, I would have used a solid button. But I’ve decided to just go with the button. I’ll still take any advice on attaching trim, though, for future use.

that’s really cute.

If you’re VERY careful, you can stitch it on with a sewing machine. Its a bit labour intensive, but if you go slow, it should work.

I put in a zipper recently, and found it worked best with the zipper on the bottom, a small stitch, and feeding pretty much one stitch at a time.
would have been about the same weight.

Thank you. That’s more than I want to do!! The button will have to do.

The bag looks wonderful and the ribbon is darling. It’ll look good with just the button too. Very nice project.

Very nice! I like it as is but see why you’d like to add the trim. I have no idea how to do it. I wish I did.