I’ve recently come across something called tricot when I was reading a knitting and crochet book. I was quite fascinated by this concept. Since I both knit and crochet, to find out that I could combine the two has me interested.

Only do you think I can find ANY other information on it, even in the big wide world of the internet?? Noooo… So I thought I’d ask you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) if you knew anything about it or where I could find out more information.

And funnily enough, as I was browsing my local craft store today for something entirely unrelated, I came across a bargain bin. In said bargain bin, there was… you guessed it!!.. a tricot hook/needle thingy-ma-bob for only 50 cents. So I picked it up, of course – I think it’s a sign.

Thanks in advance for any help/info on the subject. :slight_smile:

Upon further investigation, I’ve found out that it’s also called “tunisian crochet” or afghan stitch. Hehe… silly me!

I think has videos on tunisian crochet. As I understand it is often used for blankets and rugs. I have an old book with a few patterns for this type.

:shrug: In French the word “tricot” simply means… knitting!

Yes, tricot = knitting en francais

I have a friend who is an instructor for this and she loves it, but says it is much slower than traditional crochet or knitting. Basically it is a form of crochet where you keep all the entire row of stitches live as opposed to just one as with traditional crochet.

I’ve used Tunisian for afghans - I find it slower than crochet (and less open) but faster than knitting. The pick-up row can be slow, but the take off rows are generally quite fast. The basic stitch is great for cross-stitching on.

You can also use the double-headed needles used for “Cro-Hook” double crochet to do Tunisian. Frankly, I’d like to see KnitPicks offer crochet heads for their Options set. Would be great for Tunisan, Cro-hook or even just picking up knit stitches or pulling a life line through. Maybe I’ll drop them a suggestion.