Tricky scarf pattern

Well it is for me, but I’m not that experienced a knitter.

It is bulging on the left cuz I made an increase where I shouldn’t have (twice!). Will leave this as a reminder to myself to be more careful. I also made one less garter ridge in the first section, urk!

It is fun and challenging for me to make this, cuz it requires more awareness than knitting skill. It’s just knit, purl, inc and decreases. But I have to keep my wits about me (and some days it seems, those wits take a nap!) Much fun though, and I will wear this scarf in dark, gloomy wintertime, when a burst of sunshine is needed.

Every other row changes color, and there are 8 ridges of garter stitch, separated by 6 rows of stockinette, alternating orange and yellow yarns. The increase/dec rows are only on the right side. So I have to remember:
inc or not row
change color every two rows
work 8 ridges, then 6 rows stockinette
when beginning a new garter st section, begin with the color opposite to the one you ended the last section with.

Complicated? or Easy? decide.

Those nice sunshiney colors will look great in the dead of winter! :thumbsup:

Got this far:

Very interesting pattern! It kinda looks like a sunrise with confetti :o)

Love the colors - very happy! This looks like it’s a great pattern to practice with and you probably won’t notice those mistakes when wearing it - at least others probably won’t notice. :wink:

Hope so, Wanda. I like it anyhow.

but now my hands and shoulders are sore, need to take a break from it - but don’t want to! (know that feeling?)

oh yeah … been there done that too. sometimes it’s just so hard to make myself quit!

Very nice pattern, and color choices, Woodi! I love the sunshine colors! The design seems fun to work! Not boring like the Log Cabin blanket was! Hope to follow your progress! Good job!

This is a pic from the book I’m knitting it from, “Knitting New Scarves” by Lynne Barr. She used colors closer to one another.

looks like to me you’re doing a great job on yours. :slight_smile:

It is fun and challenging for me to make this, cuz it requires more awareness than knitting skill.

So true. That is the way most knitting is. The knitting itself isn’t hard but a lot of carefulness and attention is needed.

I like your colors. They[I] will[/I] be welcome in the winter months. You do have quite a few things to keep track of on this scarf.

The bulge you mentioned in your first post doesn’t look like a mistake of any kind now that we see how it is developing… and the original. Looks right to me.

Thanks MerigoldinWA!

Here it is today…I am so enjoying knitting this.

Coming along very well. No unsightly bulge. :thumbsup:

This is just what I was going to say. Love those colors too!

wowwwwwwwwww that gr88 …wel done the pattern is rare n lovely color

Hey! Now I can see it on this post too!! (my favorite colors)

BTW, Just how long are those knitting needles???:???: