Trick to keeping DPN's straight at start of project

I’m trying to start a cap from the top down. It begins with CO of 8 stitches that are distributed between 4 DPN’s. I’ve started a dozen times, but the needles get all mixed up and twisted (as do I)! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Well, your st marker should help you figure out which is the last st and first st. PM after you cast-on.

When I knit with DPNs, it helps me to use a throw pillow from the couch. I sit it in my lap and knit on top of that. It helps me to keep my DPNs flat so that I can knit them easier.

Also, once you get past those first few rows, it gets easier.

Thanks so much. I’ll try the “pillow method”. Sounds like a good idea and I’m anxious to get it to the point where I can switch to circulars! Leigh D, Spanish Fort, AL

Put your sts on only 2 needles to start with, and knit with a 3rd. Then after you’ve increased more stitches and it’s longer, you can add another needle to knit with, then rearrange the sts so they’re on all 4 needles. By then they shouldn’t be flopping around so much.

Brilliant! I’ll try it. Thanks so much for the suggestion.