Triangular Shawl?

[color=indigo]A recent Knitty Gritty show demo’ed how to knit on the diagonal, beginning with CO of 3 sts and inc 2 sts every other row.

They said that you could just go on increasing that way to make a triangular shawl. My question is about how to determine the final number of stitches you need for the long side of the triangle (top of the scarf) and how to determine the rate of increases, ie, every 2, 3, 4 , or more rows (?). Continuing with inc 2 every 2 rows, you might reach thedesired ending amount of stitches (say, 172) before the shawl was wide enough from top to bottom, no.

Perhaps there is a pattern somewhere that would make this easier.


A simple pattern for a triangular shawl that has been passed down through my family and friends of family is:

K1, YO, K1,
Every row after this K2, YO, knit to end.
The YO serves as an increase as well as a lacy border that you can either leave as it is or thread ribbon through.
Continue until there are 180-220 stitches on the needle, depending on the thickness of the yarn of used, but you’ll know when theres enough to make a triangle.
This pattern is scribbled on the back of an old Christmas card in my Grans old shawl from when I was a babe and I’m knitting my first now for a freinds baby in Pattons fairytale.

I suppose you could do a different increase if you wanted a less lacy effect.

Another one is:

Cast on 3 stiches

1st row: knit all stitches
2nd row: KFB of first stitch, K to last stich, KFB of last stitch

Repeat rows 1 & 2.

If used with a mohair & size 15 needles, you end up with a very pretty, loose garter stitch shawl/wrap. I did this with two skeins of Ritratto, and my aunt wore it out on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s the yarn:

I made one using this pattern from my LYS. I knitted it with Pary Ribbon Yarn using a 15 circular needle. My old problem was that slipped stitches - which were more than I care to mention - were a problem with the yarn being slippery! I did make sure I got them all!


CO 4 Stitches
Knit 2, YO, Knit to end, Turn
Knit 2, YO, Knit to end, knitting into Yo.
Continue Knitting 2, YO, and knitting to the end (making sure you knit into the yarn over each time.

Knit until you think it’s wide enough, I used 3 balls of ribbon yarn to get it to the size I liked.

Good Luck!!! You have a lot of great ideas, I think I will write some of those down myself, couldn’t hurt to have another shawl!


[color=indigo]Thanks to everyone for the great patterns. This is can do.