Triangle Lace Pattern Question

Trying to teach myself to knit and I’m finding the books are not very “beginner” friendly.

Row 1 (RS) K1, *yo, slip 1, k1, yo, pass the k st and the yo over; rep from *.

Row 2 *P2, drop the yo from the previous row.

This is what I read for row 1. K1, *yarn over, slip the st from left needle to right once, knit the next st on the left needle, yarn over, pass the knit st over the last yarn over in the instructions.

When I get to row 2, which yo am I dropping? There are 2 in the instructions, but even if it means drop all the yo, the pattern is not working.

The only yo you can drop which is the first one you do. Its impossible to drop the second because you’ve already slipped it over a stitch.I think you misread the pattern because you are going to slip two stitches over the knit stitch-the knit stitch and the yo over the slipped stitch. I can see why you are confused, its kind of a bizarre pattern. Better double check on the internet to see if there are any errata.

Thank you. I checked the writers website and there are no corrections posted and no new version of the book. So I can only assume it is correct. I’ll keep practicing.

*yo, slip 1, k1, yo, pass the k st and the yo over; rep from *.

You would yo, sl 1, k1, yo, pass only the slipped stitch over both the k1 and the yo. Then on the next row, drop the yo that hasn’t had the slip stitch passed over it. It makes sense after you’ve done it a few times. You end up with YOs between 2 `strangled’ stitches, the ones with the slip st passed over.