Tri-color scarf

My second post!!! I made this scarf for my son a while ago . . . when it was still cold enough out here to wear it! I made one in garter stitch in these same colors for my sister and my DS really liked it. I had moved beyond garter stitch by this time and just couldn’t stand doing one more thing in garter for a while so I made his a little different :wink: This was done with LB Woolease Thick & Quick.

Bright cheerful colors. Does he like it?

My DS would never wear a scarf, no matter how cold he got, still doesn’t.

I like the picture of the shelter you built. What shelter? :wink:


Beautiful!!! Looks so warm and snuggly!

Very nice!

:yay: it looks great!!

My DS loves scarves :slight_smile: Unfortunately, we’re in Southern California and he rarely gets a chance to use it; however, he is planning to go to Northern California or Montana after graduation so he’ll get plenty of chances then :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, quite an experience under that “shelter” we were on our way out when it started snowing and we had a steep descent in the dark to go. We quickly realized that finding the trail would be difficult and that we weren’t equipped for steep descents in the snow so we put up our tarp, boiled water for water bottles and climbed under. The tarp drooped a few times due to the heaviness of the snow and my BF had to knock the snow off so our down bags wouldn’t get wet, but other than that it wasn’t too bad. People think I’m crazy when I show them that picture though :rofl:

Squishy and yummy :inlove:

Nice bright colors–looks great!