"trendy toddler poncho"

Hi everyone, checked all sites, can not seem to locate a “trendy” toddler (girl age 5) poncho/ shawl… Anyone have a pattern or site??? Checked knitting pattern central and Lion Brand…Thanks all Chele

Im looking for something simple in the same size. I’ll let ya know if I find it. :slight_smile:

Can you define “trendy”?

Short, long? Fringe, no fringe? Cape/let style with an opening in the front, or solid, one piece? Flat bottom or with a point?

I am currently looking at a book on knittine ponchos that I checked out from my local library. It would NOT be hard at all to create a patter for this.


O.K. “trendy”, something “hip” for a little girl…I guess triangle shaped, open work (lacy but not too frilly) . I can’t (yet) design my own pattern, but I did find one (poncho) at my local Thrift Store ($2.00) and it is very cute…Maybe I can send you a pic??? Thanks for your help!!! :hug:

Cheley, I posted a few ideas in my reply to you in my ‘showing off sewing’ thread, but didn’t notice you had already looked at Lion & KPC…

Here’s another idea- this site shows you how to knit two rectangles and then seam them into a poncho- so you could probably do whatever stitch you want for those two rectangles.

or: http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/poncho_bignet.html

or, from this site:
Making Your Own Poncho Knitting Pattern

If all else fails, of course, you could just make your own pattern. For a lightweight, openwork poncho (or a child’s poncho) you’ll need about 500 yards of yarn. For a larger or heavier weight poncho, around 1,000 yards would be better.

Find a pattern that is similar to the size, shape and weight that you want and buy a similar amount of yarn. Use needles that correspond to the recommended needle size given on the yarn package.

A really simple way to make your own poncho pattern is to use the idea of two rectangles. Your rectangles can be the same size, or one can be longer than the other. Use any stitch pattern you like. Using the gauge information listed on the package of yarn, calculate how many stitches you need to make your rectangles the width you would like. For instance if 10 stitches make four inches and you want a rectangle that is 20 inches wide, you need 50 stitches.

When you are finished knitting, sew the two rectangles together so they form an L shape. Once that seam is sewn, drape the wrap around you to see how it looks and where you would like the other seam to be. Remember to leave room for your head!

i don’t know of a funky pattern, but I saw a fun yarn in the Patternwoks catalog. It’s called 'Party", by Filature Di Crossa I think. A simple pattern in that yarn would be really Cute, and it comes in nice bright colors. HTH! Deb

Thanks…I’ll give it a try :happydance: