Trendy Tank Pattern Help

I have a question on the pattern directions:
I am working on the back, and I have FINALLY finished my 12 inches of k1p1 and am to the armholes, have binded (word?) off, and next I am supposed to:

Dec 1 st each end of every right side row until “_” sts remain.

I am having trouble picturing this in my head… if I only decrease on one side, will I wind up with a Tarzan type back? It seems to me I should decrease equally to each side? This is my first top, obviously.

Then it goes on to say:

Work even for 1". Armhole should measure “__” above the bind-off.

Shouldn’t it be Armhole"s" – plural? Or am I only working on one?

I googled Trendy Tank and the only valid hit was a link to this website under the free patterns (I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby). BUT, when I went to the link, the page is no longer available… ??? I am so confused… Was there something wrong with it?? Probably something wrong w/ me! :pout:

It’s just that I have frogged and tinked as much as I have knitted, and don’t want to do anything else wrong. I have put in a life line – thinking I would try and see if it made sense after a while, but thought I would check here first.

Thanks so much!

When a pattern refers to the ‘right side’ it means the right side rows–the outside of the sweater is the ‘right side’ the inside of the sweater is the ‘wrong side.’

So you will be decreasing on both edges when you’re working a ‘right side row.’

Clear enough?

AHHH — EACH end – First and last - duh … I saw END and just assumed ending stitches, not thinking that I start at an ending as well… Edges is a much more appropriate word! Thank you!

I can tell I will have more questions when I hit the front side… but won’t put my cart before the horse!