Trendy Bolero/Shrug pattern

Hi, does anyone have a pattern for a really trendy bolero or shrug? I’m in love with the style and they are all over the stores this season. So I thought, “why buy when I can knit!”. Thanks!

I don’t know if any of these are what you have in mind, but they might be worth looking at.

I have some of that licorice yarn from Joann’s from last year that I want to make into a shrug :)…i love those staff shrug patterns. Also there was a cute one in Family Circle Easy KNitting.

There’s a darling bolero in the Weekend Knitting book that I bought through Crafter’s Choice. But! You’d have to buy the book I guess.

thanks soooo much for all the help. I’m going to look into all your suggestions and when i’m done i’ll post a picture! Thanks again!

I’ve been thinking of doing a bolero in deep brown chenille with maybe some fun fur around the edges. I hope I can get to intermediate knitting soon so I can make one :XX:

Just keep knitting. Just keep knitting yawn knitting knitting. Just keep knniiiitt… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Like Nike says, JUST DO IT!! :thumbsup:

I found it!!! I just purchased a pattern from a superb yarn store here in Charlotte, NC. It’s called the New York SoHo Shrug and it uses fun fur and ribbon too! It’s really very easy…The website for the store is You may be able to purchase the pattern online. I’m almost finished and will post a picture when i’m done.