This yarn is soooooooo soft. I really :heart: :heart: :heart: it. Trendsetter Voila Print. I started this scarf last night just to do something brainless before I start my next project. I picked up 2 skeins of this yarn when I found it on sale for 40% off. Now that it is actually knitted, I like it even better. I can’t believe how soft it is and I really like the color pattern.

Ooh la la, it’s gorgeous! :heart:

Thanks. Do you think it would be totally inappropriate to give a scarf as a July birthday gift when it can’t even be worn yet?

That’s the kind of thing I wrestle with when giving gifts, too. Here’s what I’d do, though. Include a card with some cutesy little poem, or just a little blurb about “this way you’ll still think of me when summer’s long gone”, or any kind of note along that line. I think it would be perfectly appropriate, though. :thumbsup:

I don’t think so, I gave my mom one last June, and she lives in Phoenix. It was a black fuzzy one with a bit of shiny black spark to it. She wears it for evening accessories in cooler weather but it looks very sexy draped over her antique dressery’s swivel mirror… mmmmrrrowwwrrr! :wink:

I gave my son’s gf a scarf for her July birthday she loved it!!

Thanks for the ideas guys…even summer evenings here are occasionally cool enough for an “accessory” scarf. This one would qualify for that since its on the skinny side.