Trellis Lace Shawl

Finally finished my shawl for the cruise, but I need some suggestions. I don’t have blocking boards and pins, usually use towels to block, but this thing as you can see is very long. Do you think I could fold it in half and block it or should I block it sections at a time???

That’s so pretty!

I think I’d get a couple large towels and spread it on the floor in a room where a pet won’t bother it.

The shawl is beautiful! Love the colorway! I agree with Jan on how to block it.

Oh, you are definitely going to be the best dressed on this cruise, no doubt about it. Exquisite work[I] and[/I] finished in time!
I like Jan’s suggestion for blocking too.

That is [U]so[/U] beautiful, Nonny. Love the colors, too!

I use towels and straight pens to block my stuff, but I also have these long pieces of styrofoam from when we got a new refrigerator, so I sometimes use them for blocking boards.

Very nice! :thumbsup: Do you have all your cruise knitting done now?

I do, I do!!! I am taking knitting with me though! lol I have a pr of socks for Oct birthday, one for a Nov birthday and two pairs for my grandsons for Christmas. Thank you for your comment

That’s lovely! I used towels to block before I ordered some interlocking rubber tiles. The tiles work very well because you can create the shape that you need. Still, I don’t have enough tiles for unusually large projects like afghans and large shawls. I’ve never tried folding a project in half, but then you would have to deal with the crease in the middle.

Have a wonderful time on your cruise!

I sure do love this trellis shawl! It looks nice even before blocking!