Trellis Baby Sweater Question

Hi all,

I’m new here and I’m stumped. I searched but all the questions I found came up about the confusion on working the left side (with there being 2 WS rows) but my problem at the moment is the right side! I have 18 stitches on either side after having bound off 11 in the middle. And according to my notes, that was row 10. I should now be starting row 11 of the pattern when I begin the right neck shaping.

So, according to the chart for row 11, I should be purling 4, 3 st right cable w/purl, K1, 3 st left cable w/purl, P4, K2, and then the left twist.

But that’s 19 stitches, right? How do I do that left twist?

Clearly, I’m doing something wrong or missing something really obvious but it’s driving me nuts!

Here’s the pattern:

Thanks if anyone can set me straight. :slight_smile:


You are gradually going to start omitting bits of the pattern as you shape the neck. Have a close look at the photo on the pattern, it looks like you omit that left twist.

Just knit the pattern for as many stitiches as you have left (and make sure you start again in the correct stitch of the pattern when you turn round having BO2).

If the pattern ends in the middle of a twist/cable, just knit/purl those stitiches plain. If you look at the next couple of rows up on the photo, you kind of lose the start of the next right twist too.

Try to ‘read’ the knitting you have on your needles, as well as the chart, because the chart will get diminished by the BOs. If you can look at what should come next on the fabric, you should be able to decide whether the twist is gonna fit, or whether to do it plain.

Hope that makes sense !

I think it did. Things look ok anyway. :wink: Thank you!