Trellis Baby Cardigan Left Neck Shaping Help Request

I’m nearing the end of doing the back for the (6 month) Trellis cardigan from Knitty:
Before I started the Right Neck Shaping, I worked the last row thusly:
[WS]: Work in patt as set for 18 sts, BO 11, work in patt to end. It turned out for me that this was Row 10 in the chart.
I did the Right Neck Shaping starting with a RS row (Row 11) and ending with another RS row (Row 15).
I do not understand how to do the Left Neck Shaping. It says:
With WS facing, rejoin yarn to Left Neck sts. Work row in patt as set.
Next Row [RS]: BO 2 sts, work in patt as set to end.
Next Row [WS]: Work in patt as set.
Repeat these 2 rows once more. 14 sts rem.
Place sts on st holder.

Why would I rejoin the yarn and work another WS row if the last row that I did on both sides was a WS row?

Could be a typo because the previous instruction had you end with a RS row. Just attach the yarn and work another WS row, then BO at the beg of the next row and work in pattern. Unless you’re off on your shaping and should have been on a WS row when you started and ended the other shoulder…

I ended with a WS row (not a RS row), row 10, correctly. Leaving the left side on the needles (with the last row made on both sides being row 10, I continued with the [B]right neck shaping[/B] with row 11 (RS), using these instructions, and everything went well:

  1. [I]Next Row[/I] [RS] (Row 11): Work in patt as set.
  2. [I]Next Row[/I] [WS] (Row 12): BO 2 sts, work in patt as set to end.
  3. Repeat these 2 rows once more (Rows 13 and 14). 14 sts rem.
  4. Place sts on st holder.

So when I go back to start the [B]left neck shaping[/B], here are the instructions:

  1. With WS facing, rejoin yarn to Left Neck sts. (the last row made was a WS row, Row 10) Work 1 row in patt as set. (Row 11? But that’s a RS row…maybe it should be RS…)
    [I]2) Next Row[/I] [RS]: BO 2 sts, work in patt as set to end. (…maybe it should be WS…)
  2. [I]Next Row[/I] [WS]: Work in patt as set. …maybe it should be RS…)
  3. Repeat these 2 rows once more. 14 sts rem.
  4. Place sts on st holder.

The way I interpret it is – even though the last row you worked on the left was technically a WS row, you want to start on the left side by having the WS facing you and doing another WS row.

Both of the shaping sections have the do-in-pattern thing, and have:
(1) row as normal
(2) row with bind-off at the beginning (for the neck)
(3) row as normal
(4) row with bind-off at the beginning
(5) row as normal

This keeps the shaping the same. However, you have to do a second consecutive WS row on the left side in order to get the bind-offs to be in the same row for both sides. (You can’t bind off stitches at the end of a row, and while it would probably technically work to have the two bind-offs offset, that’s not what they chose to do.)

It’s little counterintuitive, at least at first, because of having two WS rows, but it’s the way they’ve chosen to make the thing symmetrical. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you both. I had to put it away for most of the day and come back to it tonight. From reading your posts again, I decided to skip the instructions on the left neck shaping to work one row in pattern after reattaching the yarn, because it didn’t make sense to me, since I’m following a cable chart, to do two row 10’s (WS).

So I launched right into the two-stitch BO on Row 11, and I think it’s fine. Anyway, if it isn’t perfect, no one can tell. At least I followed the chart and decreased to the right amount of stitches along the neck edge!

Most patterns don’t worry whether you start in the same place or not, so any changes are fine as long as everything works out alright for you.

What suzee said. :slight_smile: As long as it works, it works.

(As a clarification on what I meant – at least the way I see it in my head, which is probably TOTALLY different to the way it actually is :rofl: – it wasn’t so much “do another row 10” as “do row 11 ‘backwards’” – do the next row of the pattern, but as a WS row rather than a RS row. Which I have no idea if it makes sense or is even possible or whatever.)

The only thing I’d caution is to make sure you have five rows when you’re done with the left neck shaping. (That is, put an ‘extra’ row, in-pattern, after you’ve done the decreases, because the right side has five rows.) I doubt anyone will notice that you did a BO one row sooner or later, but they might notice if the whole side is a row shorter!

I did (notice)! I thought I was done, and then looked at it and thought something was off, so I counted the number of knits & purls in the seed stitch between cables and noticed they were different, so I added another row so that both sides match now and are the same length.