Hi all,
Many years ago before I had the courage to try and knit I saw a pattern that I fell in love with and wanted to try. It’s an afghan that has a large tree on it, I believe it was the tree of life. Absolutly stunning afghan all in one color. Does anyone have a clue what I am talking about and where I MIGHT find it?? It was free then, but will pay if I can find it now…


I did a google search and found this. Not sure if it’s what you are looking for though.

thats really close, but it was only 1 giant tree… gotta print that pattern off though add to the quickly increasing list of things I must do :slight_smile:

What about this Lion brand one: 1276A. After I finished it I added a leaf edging from the book Knitted Embellishments.

Love those. more for the to do list.
Here is a tree I found. Not complete pattern, but the chart for lovely large tree, originally put of sweater, but would be good on afghan if you are up to working it out for a complete pattern.

Thanks all I do appreciate it big time! Guess I should have printed when I saw years ago… lol. Love the trees though may have to try some of em :slight_smile:

i can’t believe i just now thought of this. :doh:
have you tried knitpro? it’s a really great online program that several of us have gotten addicted to. ahem :teehee: all you do is find a picture of what you want to make a knitting chart for and “upload” it. you can decide how big you want it (3 choices) and if you want a needlepoint/cross stitch/crochet chart, a knitting landscape chart, or a knitting portrait chart. i’ve played around with it a lot and have discovered that black and white is simpler and probably easier to use if you just want to knit it in one color and use purls or something similar to create your design.
sorry it took me sooooo long to :figureditout:. i’m a knitter. i’m supposed to be a little crazy, right? :wink: :chair:

Your post reminded me of this link. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but it could help if you want to design your own!

I did a tree in silhouette in the back of my’Honeymoon sweater’ It’s mid-page.

It’s supposed to be an arbutus in a sunset seascape.

I charted it orginally on graph paper but I found myself deviating from the chart as I knitting it up depending on how it was showing up . If I were to do it again, I’d only sketch out a pattern onto graph paper showing how the trunk and branches will move. I estimate that the bottom third is trunk. The rest is branches. The top quarter was leaves. Opt for few branches, it’ll make the job easier.

Another option is to type in ‘sihouette tree’ in Google images and find a simple tree image. Take that and put it through a Knitting Pattern Generator (there’s a couple online).

I’m planning a Tree of Gondor sweater for my DH based on the Seal of Gondor

Good luck!

Oh my that site is gonne so get me in trouble!!! LOL Thanks so much

beautiful sweater!!! No where near THAT talented yet with knitting :slight_smile: