Tree of Love

A friend of mine is getting married, and I would like to make the tree of Love afghan but with their initials in the heart. How would I go about doing that? I would like it diagonal, their initials hers on top, and his on the bottom

You might draw the initials on paper first trying different fonts, script, printing. See what looks good and then transfer the design to knitting graph paper. There’s a chart for the tree design so you can judge how much space in stitches and rows that you’ll have for the initials. Will you use bobbles for the letters?

What a beautiful pattern. Will your letters be the same color as the rest of the afghan? I’d think about duplicate stitching them if they’re in a different color. I’m not much help there, sorry. I think your idea is marvelous.

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Stitchfiddle is a free site where you can chart yo7r own designs. You can set up a chart with the number of rows and stitches you have available (as salmonmac said you can use the chart for the tree to work out what space is free in the middle) and then make your own colour or stitch chart on there.
It allows you to import from an image to begin the chart so you could use whatever font you like to begin your design then adapt it to a chart.
Then you can place markers on your afghan where the chart starts for the colour work.

Having said that, I like GrumpyGramma’s idea of duplicate stitch for the lettering. It avoids the difference in tension between plain knit and stranded knitting so the piece stays beautifully flat, and looks neat. It would also offer up the option of adding more names or initials in the future using the same method, for instance adding a baby name…and even future generations as the piece gets handed down.
You could still use knitting paper or the online chart creator to work out where to put the duplicate stitches.

Thanks for the suggestions. I had not thought of doing them in the bobble stitch, I was just going to use the embossing method with knits and purls.

That’ll work and be more flexible but the bobbles are a possibility too. It’s such a lovely afghan and a wonderful gift.