Tree of Life Throw

I am making Tree of Life Baby throw.
I have made this before without problems. But this time I am having trouble with the flower garden pattern.
I have 92 stitches… but when I do the pattern I have 2 stitches left over… can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. HELP!!

You increased one stitch in the first stitch of the row?
Maybe putting in markers before you work row 1 would help. There are 9sts before the repeat and 6 repeats of the 12 stitch pattern followed by 11sts (9+72+11). On the first row, the 9sts are increased to 10sts so you should finish the row with 93sts.

Thanks so much for your help and quick response… but here is an added problem… the 92 stitches include a 4 stitch on each side as a boarder. So really you are working the pattern I’ve 84 stitches… thoughts?

The 4 stitch border is only worked on the Trees pattern. The Flower Garden pattern begins with 10 sts after the increase and ends with 11 sts. That includes any border.

Photo 2 in the Ravelry link gives you a good idea of how this pattern sets up in the blanket.

Ok. Thanks so much. I’ll try tha!!!