'Tree of Life' Cardigan Anyone?

I’m still trying to decide on my first cardigan. I have enough of Lion Brand Wool-Ease for one a cardigan in a “camel” color. Found this one call Tree Of Life which looks great and I love its Scriptural link:
Tree of Life (which bears 12 kinds of fruit)

Camel (instead of “mushroom” in pic above):

Has anyone made this? I’d love to see what [B][I][U]yours[/U][/I][/B] looks like. Maybe we can make it a KA and give it away for Christmas…if we don’t fall in love with it for ourselves…

I like the color you chose instead of the one on the model.

Oh, me too. I also like “Loden”.

Arielluria, I’m impressed you can make that for Christmas. It would take me a year!!!

It’s a beautiful sweater. I think you will fall in love with it and wear it a LOT!

I actually caught my husband flipping through the Lion Brand catalog that came in yesterday and he noted that he really liked the “Tree of Life” afghan they had in there. Unfortunately, it seems to be a pattern that you have to buy THEIR yarn online in order to get the pattern??? That would be a lifelong project but he’s right, it is GORGEOUS! I’m not really up for doing the cardigan but will DEFINITELY keep tabs on your progress so I can learn how you dealt with all those glorious stitches that make it so very pretty. Go for it!

:thumbsup: Thanks. Think I will. It’s getting downright cool here in S. TX, it’s in the 90’s now! I’d better get started if I’m to have it by winter.