Tree of Life Aghan - Knitted

Have finally finished the afghan and onto the border. Having problems with row 18 of the border and binding off the 5 stitches. Can someone help - grateful for any suggestions. Do the binding off but am ending up with an extra stitch. Do the stitches get bound off in pearl or knit - all very unclear. Thanks.

This is such a pretty afghan.
Do the bind off in purl. The stitch count in the row is correct. The row should start with 14sts.
“Row 18: P2tog, bind off next 5 sts using p2tog st to bind off first st, p3, k4 – 8 sts.”

Purl 2 tog, then purl one, lift the first stitch on the right needle over the 2nd (one stitch bound off). Keep doing this until you’ve bound off 5sts. You’ll have 7sts on the left needle and one on the right needle. Now purl 3 and knit 4. That’ll leave you with 8sts total.

My issue is te last bjnd off? Jow do I get the 5th stitch bound off as that’s what I can’t figure out.

If you’ve bound off the first 4sts starting with the p2tog, can’t you purl the next stitch and then lift the previous stitch over and off the needle?
Can you take a photo of what the row looks like at this point and post it? Use the up arrow in the reply box to upload the photo.

I figured out what I was doing wrong. All good. Many thanks!