Tree of life afghan

On row one of the trees there are repeats of 40 stitches. No matter how much I figure it out, I have the 180 stitches but the chart comes out to 160. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, what’s not mentioned is that you have to have 4 stitches (purls on RS rows) at the beginning and between each set of 40 pattern stitches. Try that, and good luck!

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I’m sill left with extra stitches. I’m confused

It comes to 176 with the 4 stitches at each end but thee are 180 stitches.

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I made this afghan and since I couldn’t open the pattern this morning, I counted sts in the afghan itself.

You have 4 repeats of the 40 stitch chart. There are 4 sts between the charts and 4sts at the beginning of the row and 4 sts at the end of row (20sts) as vanityplate said. So 180 is the correct number for the cast on and set up row.
It’s makes it all easier if you use markers between the repeats. Enjoy knitting this lovely blanket.


I didn’t notice the 4 stitches BEETWEEN the pattern! Thank you,!

the tree portion would make a fantastic drop edge to a bed coverlet !

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I have made this afghan many times although I removed the flowers, hated them, and added my own design. The stitch count is off. It is actually 176 stitches. When I worked it out everything just kind of came together.

That’s curious, clairebear. I’ve done this one too and I used 180 as given in the pattern and mentioned above.

The 180 worked for me!

Fantastic! Enjoy knitting this afghan. I still have and use mine.

addendum to this post: and you also have to finish each row with the 4 extra stitches.

Works out great

I love hearing that! Hope the rest goes smoothly. There are also tutorials available online for various parts of this afghan.