Tree of Life Afghan Help!


I started the tree of life afghan ( and made it past the first set of trees. I am now starting the “flower garden” section now and I need help!

For the first row, here is the pattern:
Inc 1 in first st, p10, *k1b (twisted knit st), p11; rep from *, end, p1.

For the trees, it was divided up by 40 stitches for each section, with 4 stitches in between each. Do I ignore those separations now and start working the entire row (180 stitches) as one? If so, do I also include the 8 stitches (4 at each end) of the border?

Thank you! I hope this makes sense!

Ignore the divisions from the tree section when you knit the dividing rows and the flower garden rows. You’ll be working the flower garden edge to edge without the 4 stitch border.

I made this afghan several years ago and still love it. Enjoy.

Thanks so much! I didn’t want to continue before I was sure and risk messing up days of work :slight_smile: