Tree Fort Socks

These are for my youngest grandson, Jackson who is 4 for Christmas. His cousin, who is 11, will get an exact pair as Jackson hero worships Thomas.

Very cute socks, in great boy colors too.

Nice socks! I would like to learn how to make socks and this particular pattern seems not very complicated. But with these colours it’s hard to see how the heel is done. Do you mind telling me how many stitches to cast on for a 4 y.o. ? And if there is a video or some other description of making the heel, I would appreciate it as well.

I will send you a pm


nonny2k those are great socks they will be very much enjoyed.

Olha Socks are really easy. If you can knit, purl, increase and decrease you can knit a sock. There are ways that you can knit the heel and never have to “wrap and turn.” Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heelis one method and there are other similar techniques.

The only problem with socks is the addiction.

Don’t want to hijack this thread but I don’t mind wraping and turning… just following any kind of instructions :slight_smile: but I will try my best this time :slight_smile:

Ain’t that the truth!!! I dragged my feet about trying socks for years and finally a friend convinced me to just make a pair. One of the best things I was ever told about making socks was not to overthink them to just do them. If you look at the pattern for socks you can get all wrapped up in the heel and get scared off, but if you just follow the pattern, ignore your head telling you it is too hard or it won’t work or how can I do this and just do it, it becomes a cinch. I have made dozens of prs now and can do them practically with my eyes closed.

Oh those are nice!! I’m sure he’ll love the color!

That heel is brilliant! Link didn’t work, but this one does.

That is a wonderful color combination and sock, Very well done and a great idea for Christmas presents for both boys.

Very nice work! Such a good gramma!

I guess it’s a good thing I am a “Nonny” to only two grandsons and not 12! lol

These turned out great-he’ll be so excited to have a pair just like his hero :cool: