Tree Decorating 101 by cats

When I saw this I laughed out loud.
I am so glad my cats leave the tree alone!

OMGOSH!! This is too cute! Thanks for sharing! I have a furball family and they are quite funny at times… Mary

:chair:This is too funny! I love the “before” and “after” pictures of that poor Christmas tree. :teehee:

I think the beofre and after part was my favorite too! I would die if my cats did that!!

That is too funny! I’m just glad it’s not my cats doing this! :zombie:

:chair: ‘Tree diving’, Help I can’t breathe!

Off to get a helmet and gun to guard my Christmas tree. If I can stop laughing!

That’s priceless!:chair:
My cat has this thing for chewing on the tree. It’s an artificial tree and we’ve done everything, she still eats it. She even has a bowl of kitty grass. We have bells all along the bottom of it so we can hear her and then the yelling and screaming begins. I swear, the neighbors probably think we’re having a domestic dispute. :roflhard:

That is EXACTLY why I don’t have a tree!:roflhard:


Yet one more reason whey we don’t put up our tree. The last time we did we found that our tree hates cats. Bot cats were attacked by the tree. I mean how else would the tree be on the ground on top of a cat wrapped up in its branches? Yep, definitely the tree.

TOO FUNNY!!! I have some friends whose cat does exactly the same thing, so they put up a screen door blocking access to their basement so the cat can’t get down there while the tree is up! I, of course, immediately forwarded this site to them. I hope they find it funny!!

My grandma’s tree includes an ornament in honor of her old [psychotic] cat, Herky.
It is a Santa Clause with no legs, a clear threat to the real Santa as to what happens if he doesn’t bring the family what they want for Christmas.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

ROFL, that is too funny!

LOL, knew of a lady who owned a flower shop years ago–she hung her small but well-decorated Christmas tree from the ceiling. (Twin gran’boys). [I]Might[/I] work with cats!


If those cats were shorthaired and orange, that would basically be exactly what our house is like at Christmas :roflhard:



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