Treasures from Yesteryear

Seeing Sue in Canada`s post on the doll cradle purse reminded me of something similar that my very talented mother, God rest her soul, crocheted for my DD when DD was about three years old. Mom used the bottom of a soap bottle, punched small holes in the top of it and crocheted a purse onto it. Inside the purse was a pillow, comforter and a small sun visor to protect dolly from the sun. It all closes up and has draw string handles with pom poms on each end of the drawstring.

I went looking for, and found this toy, just where I had put it, in the bottom of my hope chest.

Along with her crocheting talents, my mother also did plastic canvas, cross stitch, embroidery, bead work, leather work, wood work, sewing, ice skating and was a pretty good auto mechanic and she sang beautifully. She once sang solo at Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I miss my mother so much, however, here where I am comfortable I can brag about her many talents! I have many FO`s here that I could take pictures of. There are afghans, Christmas ornaments (including the angel for my tree), and wreaths for the front door for every season.

If you will permit me to brag… this is my mother`s creation, made with love for her DGD, but Mom never named it. This is one little treasure that has travelled with me over the years and over the miles. I am so glad that I kept it with me and that it was in good condition when my DD finished playing with it.

How adorable, my mother used to make those. One year she made every girl in my class one. I don’t have one saved:(

So wonderful that you kept it and have such fond memories of your Mom! I’d love to see the other jewels she did! Mary

I remember those, my daughter had one. I have a few things that my mother made that I just can’t part with. I should pull everything out and take pictures and possibly make a scrapbook page of the treasures that I have kept.

Oh wow, that is beautiful! How wonderful that you still have it!

[B]You said it! [/B]:thumbsup: [COLOR=Blue][B][SIZE=5]TREASURES! [/SIZE]

[COLOR=Black]I’ll bet you can still feel the warmth of your mother’s hugs, too!

Thanks for sharing these treasures, and a little bit about your Mom with us!!:muah:


Good idea! Perhaps I should do the same thing. What a tribute that would be to all my mother’s talents!