Travelling FO (socks) and knitting related pictures

Hey everyone,

I went on vacation and made these socks:

and have seen these things in the local museum. They weren’t clearly labeled so I can only state that the date was XIX century.

Also, I was sitting next to a knitter on one flight and we had a lovely chat :slight_smile:

Very pretty sox! Thanks for the photo journal! It was very interesting!

Those socks are so pretty! They look lovely with the dress, too. :teehee:

It’s amazing how far knitting as come and yet so similar to old times. Cool pix!

Adorable, cozy-lookng socks. And interesting pictures from the museum. Hope it was a wonderful trip.

Very cute socks and thanks for the photos too. How neat to see how previous centuries spun their wool. I imagine back then socks, sweaters and such were pretty darn scratchy being wool, washed in lye soap etc. Thank you technology!!! :slight_smile:

Your kids have the best-dressed feet! I bet they love their mom-made socks!!!

Thanks for the pictures from your vacation. I enjoyed seeing them. And hooray for the chance to talk to another knitter for an entire flight!!