Traveling Woman

I don’t make shawls that much and I want to be sure I’m making knitting this shawl correctly .

chart A . Row 2 , reads :
Knit 3 ,yo,work sts in patterns (p the yo’s ) to the last 3 sts, yo, knit 3

Work the knit 3 ,yo across or what ?

Thank you.

It sounds like the borders are the knit 3 and yo on each end and the pattern is given by Chart A. Do the number of sts on the needles (minus the border sts) match up with the chart?

No that’s for every wrong-sided row I thought it was knit 3, yo ,across

You would knit 3 for the edge, yo, then work the sts as they appear on this row. Some of the sts will look like knits so knit them, but purl the rest of them, including the YOs from the previous row. Then end the row with yo and k3 on the other edge.

So the chart is only for the right side rows? Then the wrong side (inside the borders) could be purl all sts including the yos [I]or[/I] knit the knit sts, purl the purl sts and purl the yos.

Thank you.

On the WS work the border in garter st.
Make a YO.
Purl across and stop at the border.
Make YO.
Work border sts in garter st.

When you work the charts you will need to P the P’s and K the K’s on the WS.

knit the knit sts, purl the purl sts and purl the yos.

This is what you do on the lace rows, yes.