Traveling Woman shawl pattern

I am planning on starting this shawl, if I can figure out the set up rows:

The directions say to CO 3 st then knit 6 rows. (OK, got that.) But then it says to pick up and knit 6 st along the long edge and CO egde. 6 for each edge or divide? Also, I don’t think i’ve ever done a pick up and knit on something that is still OTN. I’ve only done it as finishing for things I’ve already cast off.

Any suggestions? I may just have to try it with waste yarn.

It is awkward doing that on a base so small as 3 stitches by 6 rows. Using a crochet hook to pick up the stitches helps.

Do a provisional cast on (or a backward loop works) and knit 6 rows. With the 3 sts of the last row, pick up 3 sts down the side of the little rectangle in the ‘valleys’ of the 6 garter rows, then pick up 3 in the cast on, now you have 9 sts and are ready to start the pattern.

I don’t like doing the garter st over just 3 sts so I cast on about 6, then knit 3 rows with an increase at the end of each one so I get the 9 sts needed to start working the body.

I wanna knit it too…but I don’t understand “Pick up and knit 6 sts
along the long edge and cast on edge (9 sts)” at all lol.

What on earth is the “long edge and cast-on edge” ?

When I did mine, I cast on 9 sts and knit 3 rows and then started the pattern. To be honest you will NEVER see that cast on rectangle. It’s trying to blend it in with the garter border, but … yeah… it’s sooooooooooo tiny it’s almost ridiculous that you would even try to blend it in.

The CO edge is the edge where you cast on sts with a temporary CO, though backwards loop works. The long edge is the side of the garter strip. They want you to knit a 3 st garter strip for 6 rows, pick up 3 sts along the sideedge and 3 sts in the Cast on sts. Refer to my way of cheating in post 3. I like to have more than just one row before beginning the shawl.

Wow! Thanks for posting this! I’ve got the yarn and pattern but hesitated to go for it. Now I will!:notworthy:

Yep, anyone who’s looking at your neck to see if those sts ‘flow’ into the edge sts needs therapy. You really can’t see it when you’re wearing it and barely in pictures, so there’s not a valid reason to start a shawl like this. The Swallowtail pattern has both versions to start, so it really doesn’t make a difference.

So I can avoid the picking up of sts entirely?! :cheering:

Indeed :wink:

TRES BIEN! :smiley:

Yep, you can.

Suzeeq and Evan, thanks so much! I’m so happy that I can just avoid picking up those st entirely. :happydance:

The young woman who I’m making this for graduated from college and leaves tomorrow. I was supposed to start this last month and kept reading and reading and reading. I picked up my supplies and haven’t started yet. I suppose I will have to mail it to her. :aww: