Traveling with Stix? Advice?

I am leaving for a cruise in a couple of days. I really want to bring my needles with me for the plane and down time while sitting in the sun! :XX: But I am not sure my beloved metal needles will make it through security, does anyone here have experience with this? I would be in big trouble if they tried to take my needles away from me…I would be jailed for stabbing some poor TSA person with them. :figureditout:

I would appreciate hearing the experiences that you ‘seasoned knitters’ have had while traveling with your needles. Thank you.

i don’t think anybody has had any trouble with them…heck they were talking about letting scissors on planes again so…

to be safe, bamboo has never had problems getting through. packing in the luggage that you check seems to work well too.

someone said that they brought a SASE envelop to drop them in just in case so they could just mail them back to themselves if someone tried to fuss.

but i don’t think anybody is having problems with needles.

Amy flew to Chicago for our Knit-In this past weekend. I can’t imagine her without needles in her hands, and as far as I know she didn’t have any trouble.
I THINK she was using a circ from her Boye set, and she did have her entire Boye set with her. From what I’ve heard, circs are preferable to straights, especially metal straights.

Happy Flying, Cruising, and KNITTING :XX: :XX: :XX:


Thank you so much for the information. I read on the airport web page that knitting needles were okay. But ya never know what the actual agents feel is okay or not. So I just wanted to know if anyone had tried to get them through recently.

I was going to just pack them in my checked bag but I really feel that the time spent sitting around the airport and the 3 hours on the plane is when I will get the most done, so that would not help me so much.

That is a GREAT idea to bring a self addressed envelope with! That is exactly what I will do! I will bring them with and if they try to take them I will just send them back to myself and pat myself on the back for trying! :slight_smile: Thank you very much for this information. Now I will bring them without worries!


We still can’t take needles on planes in Australia… not even bamboo or resins!


This is going to make for a very long plane ride on Thursday night when I go to Adelaide…

Just out of curiousity are there mailboxes in airports? Ever since this was mentioned I’ve wondered about that.

I’m leaving in a week for BC so I want to be prepared.

yeah usually…i don’t think they are traditional mailboxes but i have seen postal areas for those people whose feet never seem to get out of airports.

Okay, thanks!