Traveling Monk Satchel

Any body want to make this along with me?

I started it and it looks like it’s going to be fun!

OMG! I love that bag! :inlove: Are you doing it all one color? What kind of yarn are you doing?? I would love to make it. It is way more complicated than anything I’ve ever done though. hmmmm…

Well…I’m broke. So I’m doing it in Redheart yarn and then lining it. I am going to do it in Purple and black and maybe some blue trim…or lighter purple…or white. laughs

I’ve seen the dishclothes you’ve done and I think you can do it! The most complicated part will be putting it together…

I love that bag!!! It’s been on my “to do” list for over a year now!! One day…one day :wink:

You are right Nimmie. It does look like simple stitches. The hardest part will definitely be putting it together. And I’ve never done and i-cord either.

So I’m assuming I’d have to do a swatch to make sure I do it at the right gauge with whatever yarn I use. I’m scared of swatches and checking gauge! :oops: :thinking: I’ve never done it!

But I am getting more and more inclined to make this!!

Swatch? Ummm…


I didn’t make a swatch, by my bag is coming out “roomy”. So it might not be a bad idea if you don’t want a “roomy” bag!

I’ve never done Icord either, but I have pieced together bags before! So we can figue the I-cord out together!

Just think, what a cool diaper bag it’d make, all home made and wonderful! :wink:

ETA: and Rebecca…lol…why not today?

I am hoping to get by with the odds and ends of yarn I have to make it. I have some dark purple, some light purple, some cream and some black. I think they’ll all look beautiful together!

I also have some verigated redheart, one has purples and blues and greens and the other various shades of light and dark blues and purples. So I should have plenty to make it striped if I need to. The hardest part I can see will be the handle. 74 inches in moss stitch! Not that it’s hard it’s just…I don’t like moss stitch! LOL. It makes my hands get tired quickly.

I have about an inch of the first panal done if you ladies want to join me!

Also, if this one comes out okay using redheart yarn, I’ve got some brown and “Aran fleck” redheart that might make a second bag…

Those colors sound like they will look really good together. I have $30 in gift cards to AC Moore so maybe I’ll head over there today and see what yarn I can get.

I was thinking it might make a good diaper bag too! :smiley:

That is a great bag! I think I might just have to make it!

I think I’m in on this one. I will make it for my BIL who probably hopes to be to be a monk in another life. :lol:

Yay for BIL monks!!

Well, I started mine upside down because I wanted to get the moss stitch out of the way. (I started on the front panal) Of course, I had to work in some stripes!

My camera’s not working or I’d show you pictures but I LOVE the way the yarns look together so far. I have a dark lilac and a pale lilac and a creamy off white. I think I’m going to do the bottom and the handle in black the white as the trim. (I’m using very little white in the stripes.)

oh that stinks about your camera! I wanna see pictures!

I didn’t make it to get yarn today, but I am definitely going tomorrow. I like the idea of doing a dark color on the bottom so the dirty doesn’t show. Not sure what other colors though. I guess I’ll play it by ear and see what they have.

I know you said you didn’t do a swatch, but what size needles are you using?

Redheart to me is a kind of thick worsted. I’m using size 8 needles but I’m thinking about maybe going smaller for the gusset/strap to make it tighter. Maybe a 6 or a 7 if I can find it…

I’m gonna make this bag too, I’ve been wanting to for a looong while now. :slight_smile: I’m making it outa redheart/mill end acrylics ('cause I like to spill things in my bags, so machine washable is a must). I’m using size six needles, and I didn’t bother with a gauge swatch, but I also don’t mind if it comes out big. I carry enough crap to fill up any bag, I think.

what would y’all line this bag in? Not that it’s a real worry for a long time to yet, but I was just curious. Is linen too thin? Here’s the progress so far.

I was going to go look for some sturdy quilting cotton/polyester blend. It won’t take to much and they have all sorts of pretty colors.

I don’t know about Linen. I’ve never lined a bag. :??

I got my yarn! I got RedHeart Casual Cot’n - its a blend of acrylic/cotton/poly. I love the color! For the main part I’m using a color called Majestic. This is it here. It is mostly navy blue. I got a cream color for the front and a burgundy for the trim. I can’t wait to get started. I’m hoping this weekend.

I’m not sure what to line the bag with?? :??

Sounds lovely! A bet a cotton blend will help with the stretching too. :slight_smile: I don’t know what to line mine with either, but a quilter cloth sounds good to me. My next challenge is getting to the fabric store and back out with ONLY what’s needed to line the bag. :wink:

Good luck with that!

That yarn color is beautiful! It’s going to make a gorgeous bag!

JoAnne’s has all their fabric on sale 50% off for end of the season. So I went to look and they had some beautiful quilting fabrics! I only had $4 in my pocket though and had to buy the rest of my yarn but I hope to go back later this week and get ayard or so to line the bag with!

I went to one of the local yarn stores today and showed the lady the pattern and we looked at it and tried to figure out the picking up stitches thing. She said she thought it was to make the seams stronger. Hmmm…
She also said I could bring the bag in when I got ready to piece it and her and the shop owner would read through it again and see what they could do to help. Yay! Now…I wonder what they’ll think when I bring it in and it’s being made in red heart super saver… :smiley:

I don’t know if you all have seen this buthere is a tutorial on how to line a bag. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems pretty straight forward.