Travel restrictions

:knitting: HI…I will be traveling to Georgia by plane next week. Does anyone know the restrictions for taking my bamboo knitting needles in my carry-on?? I would hate to travel without my knitting…especially since I hate to fly…Thanks! Linda

You should be fine, especially if you already have some knitting on the needles.

Thank you! I didn’t realize that I could access past threads, so I was able to print out the Guidelines…I feel naked without carrying my knitting…even if I don’t knit, I feel lost without lugging it along…LOL…I’ll probably be too nervous to even concentrate on it…Thanks again!!:inlove:

I just took a sock on my DPNs without a problem. It can depends on the TSA agent on duty though but here is a short passage:

Happy travels!


You will get a lot of people saying that they’ve had no problems and then some saying that they’ve had their needles taken away. Which means you’re taking your chances. I would take a very cheap pair of needles with you so that if they take them, you won’t be upset to lose them. And you really may get them taken, and if you argue about it, you’re going to be seen as a threat, so be prepared to give them up and never get them back. (They haven’t figured out that yarn can be used to strangle someone, yet, so they won’t take your yarn away.) The TSA site will say that it’s okay, but they make the disclaimer that it’s up to the checker. To minimize the chances of them thinking they could be dangerous, I would take a project that uses thin needles rather than thick, and never metal, never circular. Swallow Casein is a good choice, cheap bamboo, Daisy, and there is a kind of knitting needle which is very flexible, you can bend them in 2 and they were in bright colors. Someone at my LYS had them, and I looked them up on line a couple of years ago, but I’ve never seen them since and can’t find them now.

I’ve always taken circs with me; they seem less a threat than straight ones.

To my mind, pens and pencils are usually much sharper than knitting needles anyway. And what would be terrorist is going to use knitting needles as a weapon anyway…?

I’m flying next month and plan to take a project on circs, get it started at least 2-3". Also to insert a lifeline just in case they confiscate the needles. Taking a crochet hook too. Taking several patterns for dishclothes so I can knit or crochet on the flight, during the stay and return flight.

Ladies, and gentlemen, if there are any reading this post. In MOST cases your knitting needles, regardless of type, should not be taken from you.
In the unfortunate event you should find one of those over-zealous TSA agents who threaten to take your needles, here is a traveling tip. (And it free!)
Take a self addressed stamped FedEx or USPS envelope long enough to hold your needles. (Use two sheets of cardboard inside to prevent bending of your needles during shipping.
Most airports have FedEx and Mail drop boxes. If TSA says you can’t fly with them, put them in the envelope and drop it in the box.

That’s good advice except for one problem: if you are in that security line for a long time (and we’ve all done that!), and then have to run for the plane, you may not have time to go to that drop-box. I just think all in all, you shouldn’t take needles you really like or are expensive with you, there’s too much chance of not getting them back.

I’ve heard that tip about mailing your needles home if they are about to be confiscated. But I’m with Sandy - the USPS, Fed ex or other drop boxes aren’t near to where you are in line w/your needles being taken from you so no real way to make that work.

I think needles are mostly an issue on international flights now anyway. Not so much on domestic flights.

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